Lemming: Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse

all my favorite words in one product!

I'm so getting one when it hits Manila shores.
Mineral Mouse Foundation has been but a dream for me but sadly it isn't out yet here. Saw this in an international beauty blogger site and she seem to be liking the effects. I am hoping that I will love it as much as I do my Maybelline Liquid Foundation. :) Although I feel it wouldn't be too hard since, like i said, all my favorite words describe this product.

Colorstay - judging by the line in which this mineral mousse is included, then I think it will superbly last in my oily skin.

Mineral - even if I am equally in love with my traditional makeup foundation, mineral is still the next best thing that happened in cosmetics.

Mousse - has the consistensy to blend well on to my skin. i love the matte finish of a mousse foundation and provides better coverage.

I do have high expectations from this product since I believe its one of the first mineral mousse foundation to be released. And Revlon has never let me down, anyway. :)

Can't wait!!!

much love,

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