Brush of the Week: New Ellana Flat Top Brush

It's another Brush of the Week!

This week's brush is the new Ellana Flat Top Brush. I was at their shop in West Ave., Quezon City about a week ago when their Sales Officer told me that they have a a flat top brush. Now believe me when I say that I thought it was the typical flat top brush popular in the mineral makeup world. It was not! It's this nifty little flat top brush that is just too cute for words.

Ellana Flat Top brush is still not on their catalog but in my opinion this brush aims to minimize the use for numerous brushes because it certainly did minimized mine. I used this brush to apply my liquid foundation, mineral concelear and foundation powder. The only thing i used another brush for is my mineral veil/finishing powder as it requires a more softer applicaton.

Like any other Ellana brush, their flat top is made from synthetic nylon, densely packed and most importantly, oh so soft. No prickly feel as always with Ellana brushes.

I use this to apply my Maquiliquide foundation from Lancome and it just distributed it with an airbrush-like finish. If you are looking for a good concealer brush, this one is. I used this on my Ellana Radiant Concealer (love!) and I am all too pleased on how it covered my dark spots and undereye baggies. The small diameter of the brush and the densely packed nylon hairs made it great for spot concealing and buffing in the concealer. This brush is also exteremely good with buffing my Ellana Intensive Foundation. However, some of you may find this brush a little too small to use it as your foundation brush as it requires a bit more time to create the coverage you like. But the densely packed bristles will surely be something many would love.

Additional love for this brush is how great it is to use on Ellana's Mineral Silk Glows. A little goes a long way with this brush with just a tap of the the silk glow (used my Coffee Martini) to apply on the highest planes of your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and on the cupid's bow.

I wanted to give you a more precise comparison so here's my new Ellana Flat Top brush with my Everyday Flat Top brush.

See how cutesy itty bitty it is? But really, I wouldn't like it any other way. Its just too great for spot application and correcting. :)

I give this brush 4.5 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points!

much love,

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  1. Zefreakinme1/8/11 10:20 AM

    I am planning to buy the flat top brush but I just want to hear more.

    Which do you prefer from the two? Ellana or the bare naturals?


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