Wedding bells, I hear!

Believe it or not, it's only for the last few years that I really contemplated on getting married. I mean the real deal. Not the whimsical, I want this and that. Maybe because I find myself in a relationship that truly speaks of what marriage should be. But enough about that... Let's go to our main focus.

For me, to be wed is one of the major highlights of being a woman. Especially now a days when women are equipped to be independent, to be married is to give up that short-lived independence that we have. Lucky are you to find a guy who will respect your individuality but nevertheless, it is innate in us to give all ourselves to our family. Maybe that is the reason why the BRIDE is the main focus on weddings.

The Bride is the one with all the trimmings, the best gown, the best look, major entourage anthe last to be presented with all the guest looking at her. Back in the day, i use to think of it like brides are the sacrificial lamb. However, my point of view changed when I reliazed that women are just being honored on her wedding because being a wife and mother is no walk in the park. She is walking through the next phase of her life that may very well define her more as a woman.

Of course, as a Bride we all want to look our best. I, myself, wouldn't settle for less. especially when it comes to the bridal makeup. I may settle for a mediocre gown, venue, food and others but never will i scrimp on what will go and how it goes on my face on the day of my wedding. Blessed are those brides with good skin because I doubt they'd feel the way I do. But for me with bad genes that have an oily face with severe acne scars, I will make sure that I look none of that when I walk down the aisle. Well, at the least, I hope don't. :)

Here are just a few things I've compiled (initially for myself) to aid me in looking my best on the day of my wedding.

1. REST! REST! REST! - I think I will be the worst bridezilla during my wedding preparation especially now that my mom is not there to help me out. So, I'm sure break outs will surface out and my skin will disappoint me in million ways. That's why rest and sleep is so important with all the unexpected mishaps that may occur during our wedding and even on the day itself.

2. HYDRATION - not only through moisturizers and skin care but as well as Water. Don't get tired of this but "drink lots of water/H20!"

3. If you must (like I do), visit your dermatologist or your aesthetician/facialist 1 week to 4 days before your wedding date. Give your skin time to heal and for the treatment you'll be having to take effect.

4. Peeling treatments should be done 6 to 3 months before the date of your wedding. You don't want to flake out, do you?

5. Break in your shoes - believe me when I say that trace of stress will show on your face when you start to feel discomfort on your feet. And you'll be standing for hours taking pictures and dancing... I'm sure may brides out there can relate to this.

6. Surround yourself with your closest friends and family, there's nothing that can give you a glow than a dose of heady laughter with your friends.

On the makeup:

1. Research on your makeup artist - Think of it as a detective work, don't ask the person but ask people they've worked on.

2. Trial Makeup is a must - I have a lot of makeup artist friends whom I have listed in my head as my potential MUA for the big day, and even if they know what makeup works for me I will still have a trial makeup with them to avoid unnecessary trouble both on our parts.

3. If you're doing your own makeup (so darn proud of you!), I recommend the following products that will help your makeup last through the day.

  • Makeup Former HD Primer (Green and all their other variants) - I haven't tried this on a wedding look but it has proven to reduce the redness on my face (the green variant) and made my makeup last a long time.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with Dermaxyl - best primer for me to reduce my crow's feet and other wrinkly problems.
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation mixed with MAC Studio Fix Fluid - believe it or not these two brands unite to give me a long-lasting look. Both are oil-based so on those tear jearking moment, your makeup will not run.
  • MAC Studio Fix Concealer - my HG Concealer in terms of traditional makeup
  • Makeup Forever Corrector Palette - apply this first before your skintone concealer for redness and dark spots, this baby is heaven!
  • Ellana Foundation in Intensive Formula - if you want the matte heavy coverage look
  • Ellana Foundation in Pure Blend 2-in-1 Foundation - for a hint of dewy look but no oily effect and with concealing properties.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - to prime your eyes and make it long lasting.
  • Neutral Palette from Space Pretty for the eyes - This bridal palette is not popular only for the everyday look it could give you, the color payoff in this palette are impressive. You can even use one of the lightest eyeshadows as higlighter on the upper part of your cheekbones.
  • Revlon Colorstay Liner - In any day and weather this baby doesn't budge on me
  • False eyelashes - for me its a must. It opens the eyes more (IMHO).
  • Covergirl LashBlast Mascara - I don't know why but this doesn't bring down my curls and tuly mesh well with my falsies
  • NARS Orgasm Blush - the name speaks for itself. A true glow from within type of blush.
  • French Kiss and Romance Blush by BareNaturals - for a matte blush that compliments lighter and the latter blush for darker skintone.
  • Beach Tan Bronzer by Mineraux - to contour your cheeks and to give a nice sheen to the cheeks.
  • Your favorite Lipstick - the important thing is that it should partner your cheeks. Opt for a more bluish base like pinks and mauves since it makes teeth appear more white. Apply with lip brush, smack on tissues, and apply again. Add lipgloss if you want.
  • Ellana Sheer Velvet Mineral Finishing Powder - it sets your makeup to give you that HD effect. I'm in love with this.
4. Think Positive and always believe that you're beautiful, because YOU ARE!!

Here ends my wedding post, a tribute to all Brides this year. And cheers to my blog friend Di who will be getting married in less than 2 months!! yey!

Why this post? Well, check out this blog and you'll know why I got inspired. :) Jason Magbanua makes the best wedding videos and I do hope that I save up enough money so he can be my wedding videographer or that I become soooo famous that he'll offer his service for free! LOL!

much love,

P.S. I'm not getting married, okay? Well, at least not in the next two years. :)

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  1. I was browsing your site when I saw this post... Gosh... thanks so much for the tips and recommended products! ^__^

    I'm planning to do the make-up of my entourage and maybe, do my own make-up as well... ^__^

    Wedding will be April 2010... ^__^


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