New Banner!!

Ok, this is worth blogging asap!! :0

I've changed my banner to a new and cuter one! Designed by fellow pinay, Roma, who shares my love for dogs (hi sugar!) and anything stylish (check out her online shop). She's a freelance Web/graphic designer. I've been cyber friends with her since '07. Then thought of her as the best Girl to work on Shen's Addiction banner. I emailed her with my design concept and provided her with a rough sketch from paint...viola! A fabulous looking banner for Shen's Addiction! :)

She provided me exactly what I wanted. Dainty, feminine but with spirit. I just love it. A lot!!! :)

I'm so happy that it came today when I'm down in the dumps. Just the thing to rev up my blogging mood. :)

you can check out some of Roma's work at the ff. sites:

much love,

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