Spotted: Rexona Skin Light Press Launch. Lighten Up!

Early in May when I got an invite from Nikki to attend an event with her. I'm only too glad to accept since it was also Jheng's birthday, which will give me time to see her after since the location of the event is near her office.

Skin care events are very interesting since it introduces products that can benefit many of us.

Rexona introduces their new variant of anti-perspirant deo that aims to deal with underarm dsarkening. Skin Light with Sunflower Oil is an answer to a lot of Filipinas out there experiencing dark underarm. This dark secret is now resolved by Rexona's highly trained and skilled scientist. Lighten Up!

To introduce this new product, Angel Jacob, a fellow alumni of my college, hosted the event.

She's incredibly beautiful and her tan just made her glow throughout the evening.

Here Angel conversed with a popular Dermatologist about the bad effects of tweexing and shaving underarm hairs and how it cause irritations that lead to the darkening of underarm skin. We all know that of course, but who here can't help not to tweez or shave?

On a tele-conference, Dr. Marti explained the wonderful works of Rexona all over the world. And now with his studies, he brings to us a new product that focuses on a problem many Asian women deaks with.

I'm sure you've seen these products on magazines, TV commercials and other ad media.

Rexona Skin Light is available in the following forms.

I personally use this and found that my underarm skin is lighter and softer even after shaving. :)

Me at the Rexona event. ;)
You can see Ms. Isabel Roces conversing with the Style Manila's Sasha M.

Nikki of Askmewhats and me. :)

Til next event!

Much love,

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