Operation Rescue: Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) + New Wand!

Rescue time, dear ladies!

We all know how such delectable genie-bottle of our favorite eyeshadow potion can trap inside. Well, stop rubbing it... it won't come up. Apparently, the only way we can let all of that magical potion out is to cut it open brutally and forcefully. Tedious, yes. Is it worth it? VERY MUCH SO.

I know you maybe turned off in buying Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), but for oily lids like mine, this is heaven-sent.. or should i say... Magic-sent, it being called a potion. UDPP is my HG eyeshadow primer and I highly recommend this to ALL OILY EYELIDS like myself. Sans the surgery, I love this primer. Keeps my eyeshadow intact.

You also don't need anyone but yourself to cut this bottle open. I thought I would need the help of the BF but since I decided to do this at 3 in the morning, I just went and did it all alone. :)

I just had to see it for myself! :O

You'll need the following:

1. a glass jar (to better to keep it from drying, i heard plastic jars aren't the best for this) or lipstick pen (if available, keeps the product airtight and makes sure you finish all the product). Got this idea from Enkore of Youtube.com
2. Knife (paring knife or anything that is jagged, it's easier that way)
3. Clean Coffee stirrer (this is what I used to scoop the products out) & the wand tip that came with it.

CAREFULLY CUT the END PART of the bottle.
CAREFULLY CUT the bottle in HALF.
be SHOCKED with how much product left inside.
Transfer all products in their new home with CLEAN HANDS and CLEAN TOOLS.
(it'll get a little messy here, prepare a towellete or napkins)
be SHOCKED with how much you filled up your jars/lipstick pen.
take pictures of it and show it us as well!!

Like what I did!

What I was able to rescue off of that genie-bottle. :O
2 lipgloss pens and more than a few swipes on my jar...

Will this stop me from buying Urban Decay Primer Potion? NO way!!!! I'm in love with this!

Guess what? UDPP has a new wand! They didn't say it but it looks as if this wand will help us take out more of the products especially those situated on the mid and bottom part. :)

See? A company that indeed listens... :) I just hope this will work so we won't have to do Operation Rescue anymore. :)

Shen singing: Santa Baby, just put UDPP Sin under the tree... been an awful good girl.
I know it's not Christmas yet, but SIN is on the wishlist for me. :)

One UDPP, to go, supersize it please!

XL Urban Decay Primer Potion
6o% more? I love it!

So, there you go, ladies.
Operation Rescue: ACCOMPLISHED!

Till the next rescue!

much love,

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  1. Hi, where were you able to get the lipstick pen? Tried to find sellers selling just lipstick pens (w/o the lipstick) locally but I couldn't find any.. Would LOVE to do this to save on some product too!

  2. Thanks, Shen! I'm shocked at the amount that's left in there. I still haven't sawed mine in half but my UDPP has been around for more than a year already! Does this mean this could last for one more year?

    That's a looooooooot! I have to look for alternative jars now so I could saw mine in half na.

  3. ms. shen where can i buy those empty lipstick/lipglaze pens? thanks:)

  4. Hi Happy :) I saw empty pens in Beabi Greenbelt 5...I forgot the price, but around Php 90-100.

  5. Pachaway_0324/5/11 4:35 PM

    hi ms. shen ! do you know were i can buy urban decayed primer potion here in the philippines ?


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