Summertime, Suncreen Time

Wrong.. I consider sunscreen to be a must-have staple all year round. When people ask me what to buy in terms of skin care, one thing comes to mind. SUNSCREEN. Whether you live in a tropical country or not, you must wear one!

Sunscreen (also known as sunblock or suntan lotion) is a lotion, spray, gel or other topicalsun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation and protects the skin.

Sunscreens contain one or more UV filters of which there are three main types[2] :

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Basically, you need it. You must use it. With all the bad effects of the sun and the diseases that it could bring, its our duty to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. I am definitely sure that your dermatologist will prescribe you one if she or he hasn't yet. My first dermatologist and all those that i've gone to makes sure that I use one no matter what state my skin is in. I feel naked actually going out of the house when i fail to apply sunscreen.

But with all the sunscreen available in the market, how will one choose the best one for them. Base on experience and those that i've heard, it has to do with the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the higher the protection it provides.... but the creamier or oilier it gets. Which is a big dilemma for oily people like me. I've jumped from sunscreen to sunscreen in search of that perfect sunscreen that won't aggravate my oily skin.

First sunscreen was prescribed by my dermatologist from Dermclinic. She recommended me the one with the highest SPF. That made my skin oilier but did not aggravate the whitening procedure that I was undergoing for my acne scars. After which I used lower SPF.

A person whom i've had a chance to talk informed me that a suncreen, no matter how high or low its SPF is still a great sun protection. As long as your activities won't consist of being under the sun 24/7. If you're like me who's rarely out of the sun, SPF 15 to 30 will nicely do for you. Especially if you're oily skin as i am.

Lately, I have interchangeably used three sunscreens on my stash.

I am currently in love with the following:

Philosophy Shelter TM (UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for the face tinted SPF 30)

I love this sunblock because it's tinted. Although it doesn't provide coverage to the pimple scars I have, it still is a great tinted suncreen for days I don't want to use makeup (which is almost everyday nowadays). It dries to a MATTE FINISH.

Though beware because I've read a review that Shelter Me (i assume not the tinted one) breaks her out.

Let's Face It Whitening Sunblock

This I recommend for those undergoing treatments as well as those who have oily skin. I've used this for months now. It blends to the skin like a dream and does not make me oily. It settles onto my skin in a matte finish that applying my primer is sometimes not needed. This also has a gel-like consistency which i find impressive. Not mention that it is cheap for only about P300.

Embodyment's Sunproof Me SPF 15 Organic Sunblock

Organics are all the rage and for those of you opting to change all your skincare to organic product, this I recommend you to exchange with your traditional sunblock. It doesn't break me out and smells oh so wonderful. :) Not at all chemicall-y smelling.

1. Embodyment
2. Shelter
3. Let's Face It

A reader once asked me what sunblock I use. Hopefully, this post was helpful to her as well as to you. :)

Never forget to wear a sunblock.

Others that I've tried and loved.

1. Kate Jone's Super Sunblock (me and my mom are in love with this!)
2. The Face Shop (great if you want a lesser expensive tinted sunscreen)
3. Dermclinic Sunscreen (great for those who spend outdoors a lot)
4. Smashbox Primer with SPF 15 and Dermaxyl (i use this when i'll be using a large amount of makeup)

1. After your usual skin care routine, apply your suncreen.
2. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes before applying your makeup or going out of the sun. Let the product be absorbed onto your skin well.
3. Re-apply if need.
4. Mineral Makeups have a minimal amount of sunscreen. You may opt to use this instead of your usual face powder.
5. Choose products which have SPF in them like your lipstick.
6. Computer, lighting at home, TV and other light smiting electronics gives out UVA/UVB as well. DO consider wearing suncreen even when you are INDOORS.

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