Ellana Mineral Cosmetic Weekend Booth at SM Makati

Dear Filipina or Visiting International Readers (especially those based in Makati area),

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics will be having a weekend booth located at the Grocery Level of SM MAKATI. I'm not sure how long this will last or if it will be a permanent booth.
I will certainly keep you posted on that.

However, there will be a 3-day weekend sale on March 13 up to 15 (friday to sunday) til 10am til 12 midnight.
Take this time, Pinays in Makati and everywhere else to go and avail yourself of
Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. :)

No need to wait for bazaars sched! Yay!

thanks to Ellana for this picture.

Take a deep breathe prior to approaching the booth (you'll get excited with all the products you'll see that you'll forget why you were there in the first place. don't be like me! LOL!)
If you're looking for foundation, ask immediately for the SA's recommendation.
TRY IT and swatch!
Don't be scared in playing with the colors.
Get an eyeshadow or two
(believe me, you'll regret not getting any once you get home)
Be patient, strewn of people are coming over so you may have to wait for your turn to be analyzed.

Things I recommend:
Intensive foundation
Dainty Eyeshadow
Fetish Blush
Lovely Liquid Lip Color
Strawberry Lip Treatment
Harmony Bronzer for the summer
Pumkin Pie Latte Oil Absorbing Finishing Powder

hope to bump into you this weekend!

much love and happiness,


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