Product Review: Embodyment Organic Body Butter

My skin for weeks now have been raving over the Embodyment Body Butter in almost all their variants. The cold season of late was making my skin tight and dry and its not a good feeling. An ample amount of this body butter can ease the dryness off of my skin making it supple and soft... The sweet smelling scent keeps the BF on a hug-mode all the time. Even my dog can't help but sniff his mom's well taken care skin.

I particularly enjoy Lavender and White Tea, the relaxing scent keeps me rested in bed that getting Zzzz are much more enjoyable than just a process to the day. I love sleeping so anything that can aid to peaceful night will be on my list.

The Avocado and Honeydew is definitely a must-try to the fruit lovers. I'm not much of a fan fruit flavors but this one made me a convert. It's not sickeningly sweet like some that I've tried and the smells lasts forever. R enjoyed this scent so much.

The Green Tea Mint has a refreshing sent with a cool bite. Great time to use this now since the cold days are nearing its end. The tinggly sensation keeps me cool under the afternoon sun.

The Olive is something for the mature ladies, but even I not near my 40's love this. I gave 50ml's to my aunts and they are enjoying it as much as I do. This reminds me of The Body Shop Olive Dry Oil Mist but defintinately more moisturizing. :) A keeper in my opinion.

The Goat's Milk and Vanilla is my favorite from all of these variants. And this is from a person who doesn't like Vanilla at all. I love everything about this, the scent, the rich moisturizing effect and how easily it glides onto my skin.

There are two or more variants available but I've overlooked jotting them down. But those I will likely try as well since I've enjoyed all of the variants I've bought.

One more thing I like about this is the price:
100g is only P250.00 (Buy 4 + 1 Free)
50g is only P150.00 (Buy 6 + 1 Free)

Surely much affordable compared to the others that I've tried.

Truth be told, one of my dreams is to create my own line of Skin Care Products.
I do hope someday I will be able to make such dream into reality.
But for now, I am enjoying a Pinay-made affordable organic products.

much love,

More Embodyment product reviews to come!

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