Kung Hei Fat Choi + Update

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It's year of the OX!!!

I'm hoping for a stampede of fortune for everyone!


I've got so much to post but for some reason I'm having a hard time uploading pics... booohooo!!

So sorry!

I've missed all of you!!!


Just a bit of personal/shopping blog worthy of writing about..

The BF and I went out for a date (our 1st official one since we moved in together to our new place). We saw the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (cool enough but not seeing Kate so much in it was a bummer for me). I really felt so good being with the BF again on a date since its the work+moving in+businees+family stuff was just overwhelming me for the past week. I missed being with him like that, just the two of us enjoying a flick and pig outs.

As for the shopping part, I both a few shirts at BAYO, i shouldn't have but I met an accident with an ice tea so i had to change my top. I exchanged my globe visibility from prepaid to postpaid (so i don't get frustrated when I ran out of load) and applied Smartbro for the office.

The BF checked out TOBY's (a sporting goods store), he bought a basketball so he can start making use of the court just outside our building. I was feeling a bit generouse so I bought him the latest AND1 rubbershoes. I wouldn't know what style it is but it looks cool. The BF got some taste, I tell yah. I'm glad that I had a chance to splurge on him as much as he does on me.

Of course, I also splursed on MOI!! I got me a pair of sandals at Celines and some MAC stuff. I finally got the smokey palette from Red She Said Collection as well as MAC eyebrushes in 239 and another 217 and lastly, Studio Fix Concealer in NC35. I also got the Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap in Lavander variant and some unsalted Pumpkin Seeds at Healthy Options. Phew! My wallet was screaming like crazy after that...

Ohhh!! I finally got to buy the Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice by Del Monte at Rustan's FreshMarket. it's about P300 for 1 liter. I got two for me and the BF. :) It was a bit expensive but who has time to squeeze fresh orange juice in the morning? I certainly don't! I barely have time to prep up everyday for work. :) LOL!

I'm now eyeing the HP Mini notebook at EHub. I so want it after it was demoed to a customer. I was just buying a webcam for one of my offices and i saw it.. but still, my heart is set on HTC Diamond Phone... So many wants!!!

Well, we gotta have goals, rights? :)

It was such a restful weekend for me and I hope it ws for you, too. :) Now, let's all get back to works or to our books (Sab, I'm talking about you!). Next weekend, let's see each other at Nikki's Seminar-for-a-cause, aight???

til next blog (w/pictures I hope!)!

much love,

P.S. aka Reader's Questions:

I got the Embodyment products at a Bazaar they held last Christmas season. You can contact the maker Adelaine through their site.

I'm not sure if they sell internationally. I hope they do since their products are certainly worth a try!

They have a showroom at their house and you can visit them by appointment.

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