Fashion: Shen went Dress Crazy

I'm as much as a fashion enthusiast as the next girl. I don't claim to be a fashion expert, just that I love anything I see on the famous fashion blogs and magazine. But my budget can never seem to be in par with those featured there. So, what I do is try to make them as inspiration and look for cheaper alternative. Yes, I am a Recessionista. :)

This shirt dress doesn't look so nice on the rack. Really, its like a big polo shirt your uncle wears. But plaid tops are now making a come back and selling like hotcakes. That means, the price hikes up like crazy. Good thing I saw this top in Divisoria (like a flea market in Manila) for only P350 ($7.14), i couldn't resist not to purchase... it was such a steal compared to those I saw in magazines. :)

I also wore this last Dec. 1 for our Dinner with the law school buddies. :) The pic above is with my ever adorable BF.

I got 3 for dresses from Divisoria but I left it in our other house so I wasn't able to take pics of them. Will show them soon. :)

I got this top out of pure indulgence because I don't think I'll ever wear it. It looks so good on display that I couldn't resist. Its bit shiny(can't been seen on the pic) and the material of the fabric looks like those I saw from a certain high end boutique. Now if only I have a club to go to. Or maybe I can wear this in one of the Christmas parties that I have to attend. This dress is only P400 ($8.16)

Another plaid dress. A bit steep for its price, P600 ($12.24). But I like the make of it. I'll change the buttons once I get to visit my tailor. It looks so rock and roll-ish/british school girl with knee high socks and chucks but I just plan to pair this with a semi gladiator sandals and small bag. :)

Something for the Office Lady. Though I'm not. This dress is in my fave color, chocolate brown. Yum! I look so respectable with this dress that the BF gave two thumbs up! hahaha! I plan to wear this on business meetings with my mom's business partners and investors. I hope I look more mature in mature clothings. :) LOL! This dress costs P600 ($12.24)

I got a couple of statement tees but I'll post them up when I'm wearing it since like the pics above they don't look so good on a hanger. :)

I simply love dresses, they require lesser space in my closet and laundry is a breeze. Also, easy to accessorize and put on. It takes no effort to put a dress. Instantly, I feel much more feminine. And on certain dresses, I feel empowered as well.

So, have you indulged lately on dresses?

much love,

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