YumYum: Mister Kebab

The girls and I were pretty much famished after the workshop. And B was in the mood for some indian good.. i mean food. Sophie suggested Mister Kebab and off we went to our little adventure.

located at West Ave., Quezon CIty, this place was jampacked like crazy on a Saturday evening but you'll hardly notice the line when you have fun friends to wait around with. The interior is pretty open with tons of incandescent light to set that harem-like mood. :)

Here S and B. B is on hunger-mode here already but still looking fab. :)

Me and P, just posing! yeah!

my order, Chicken Chelo Kebab (Php110)

Beef Chelo Kebab, i think...

ooohhh... can't remember what this is. :)

Eggplant somethin' somethin'

We still had ordered more and Phoebe's Beef ala Kaldereta was great! And the Sizzling Lamb was sumptuous. :)

the damage.. lol!

i'm so freakin fat! but i love to eat... we all do!!

hihihi! we just gotta take a pic of this!
havies, melissa, plueys and a little Pinoy-made boots. :)

much love,

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