Review: Nivea Sensitive Balance Cleansing Milk Make up Remover

When we stayed at Sofitel Manila for Bar Ops, there was one night that i was suppose to stay overnight but opted not to since i didn't have my makeup removers with me. I was suppose to settle for my sis's cetaphil but i told her that I needed two makeup removers. One for the eye and the other for my cheeks. Then they said, "Do you really need two makeup removers?".

It got me thinking... Then I remembered my Nivea Visage Sensitive Balance Cleansing Milk (quite a mouthful there). I got this when my aunt and I were doing some grocery shopping. She asked me to get anything I want and at the time, i was lemming for a new makeup remover after the other one became too stingy on my face. Thankfully, the small grocery at our province (where i was at the time), have Nivea Sensitive Balance. And it was surprising that it takes away both my face and neutral eye makeup. It may not be as fast as my L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover, but it certainly does the job. It also doubles as a facial wash. Don't we all enjoy a product with multiple purposes?

Upon initial use, i notice how great smelling this product is. It is indeed soothing on the face and although I have not experienced any tightness on my previous makeup removers, I also didn't experience it with this one. It comes in a 200ml size so i'm sure this bottle will last me a long time for only Php250++. My face remains soft and supple after using and it doesn't sting at all.

However, I do recommend that you use sparingly of this product when you are undergoing treatments on your face. After my skin has become sensitive from the glycolic peel and medications i had, my face can't tolerate the same amount i use to massage my face with. I will experience the same stinging sensation as i did with my former product. Thankfully, it is not as stingy or hurtful when i remove my eye makeup. But i am nevertheless very careful that no product will get into my eyes.

What i definitely like about this product is that i don't have to bring 2 makeup removers when i travel. Nivea Sensitive Balance can works both on my eyes and face. Except when I do that bold eyes and super eyelining though, this takes me ages to get off. :)

The verdict? I give this product 3 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points.

Hope this helps!

much love,

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