Asian Skin Care Goodies. Thanks Marge!

Last week, my dear elementary friend Marge sent me a soap from Korea. She knew i was having trouble with my skin breaking out like crazy.

Thanks so much, Marge. I do enjoy the soap a lot. :)

little bundle of joy

exfoliating sponge. this reminds me of a butterfly cocoon. :) it fits your fingers really well, just wet and use as a tool to exfoliate your pretty face.

Kanebo whitening mositurizer. this i can't wait to use when my pimples are all dried out.

a pretty pink headband to keep the hair away when washing... this was such a nice touch to everything she gave. :)

this is the soap that Marge and her sister swears by, the Mijunggo Soap. it is very well packed like those soaps in The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works.

The scent of this soap reminds of the nilagang mani sold at the streets when i was younger. Or the smell of chestnuts on an open fire. :) It smells really good and very great for my now-so-sensitive skin.

Thanks again, Marge! :) You should start blogging na!

much love,

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