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I received this email recently. I was asked about a lot of MAC products and i didn't know how to answer this since i don't own a lot of MAC products. :) So, i asked the help of MAC online chat. Which has proven to be a great help. :) Tammy addressed a lot of questions that we are all curious about. I just hope that with the answers i'll provide, i'll be able to help her. :)

Her Email:

Hey Girl,

Been reading blogs and watching youtube videos on make ups. I'm also a MAC fanatic but had no formal lessons on make up yet. I'm a newbie if I may say..I heard MAC / La Salle College is offering short courses: Basic Make Up and Artistic Make Up. I don't plan to do make up professionally so I'm thinking whether Basic make up will do. I just want to know "proper" way to use make up (eye shadows, face contour and highlight, etc) to enhance my facial features. Hehehe.

Here are my questions:
1. Is basic make up class good enough for me o baka naman puro theories lang ito and would be best to get the artistic make up class instead? =)

2. Did you take any make up lessons? =)

3. I'm NC30, will Sculpt and Shape in Warm light and Definitive look dark on me? That's the only available shade in the Mac website kase. Right now, I'm using Heatherette smooth harmony to contour my face.

4. What are the basic eyeshadow colors that would look best on me. I have cork already. =) I'm looking for complimenting colors to go with Cork. I go to office everyday. =)

5. What's the difference between charge water and fix +?

I'm sorry to be asking so many questions...Thanks in advance girl! =)



Here's my short and hopefuly concise answers to your questions.

1. I am not really aware of the curriculum or La Salle International's Make up Artistry Lessons but you can contact them to further inquire on what will be the best course for you.

I also suggest that you hire a makeup artisit to teach you the proper way of applying makeup according to your face shape rather than enrolling immediately. Dear Nikki of Askmewhats was able to have a learning sesssion with Ms. Cherry Pacheco-Uy of Paul and Joe in which she learned a lot. While i had a chance to learn a few tricks from a makeup artist friend. A lot of Makeup Artist offer basic tutorials that you can attend or personally avail. I think that would be much cheaper. :) I'm all for cheap!

2. No, I did not have any formal training. But if ever i will, I might enroll at Center for Aesthetic Studies located at Makati City. God willing. (crosses fingers!) I learned what i know from watching videos, shows, reading articles about makeup and how-to's and bonding with friends who knows about makeup. Its a fun and free process. :)

3. I have not seen the swatch of Warm Light and Definitive except online so i can't decide for you. I am NC30 and had a chance to use accecuate and sculpt at one point and find it too light for me. Barbara of MAC online chat informed me that if i find that light, Warm light and Definitive would be a great choice.

The reason that you only see Warm Light and Definitve on the MAC site because the other Sculpt and Shape Shades were Limited Editions. But i think some are still available on the MAC Counters we have here in the Philippines.

4. I will be honest with this and i hope not to disappoint you but i own little of MAC eyeshadows that i don't have any of their permanent and basic shades (you'll notice i use a lot of palettes and mineral makeup more)

But what i would recommend base on a consult i had with Barbara of MAC online chat, she said:

For your NC30 skin tone and brown eyes, try combinations like Shroom and Honey Lust, Ricepaper and Satin Taupe and Brule and Quarry Eye Shadows for the office.

Personally, i would also recommend Carbon to hike up your look to night time by just minimally applying the black eyeshadow to your outer crease to define your eyes for the night. Well, that's just me. :)

5. Fix+ and Charged Water varies in thier ingredients and scents, Barbara says. She also informed me that both are great for prepping and setting make-up. Although i find Fix+ makes my face a little oilier than the Charged Water that i am currently using. But Fix+ i notice works really well on dry skin and the scent so just lovely. I use this before i go to sleep. As for the Charged Water Skin Hydrating Water i'm using, i'm loving that it is is infused with diamond and threrapeutic aromas. It smells like citurs and!! I'm sure you'll enjoy toting this around like we all do. :)

Hope this helps!

much love,

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