Kikay Eats @ Yedang Korean BBQ + Deep Purple + Duke's Booster Shot

Early this sunday, the BF and I brought our pooch to the Vet to this yearly Rabies shot. Near our vet is one of my fave Korean reataurant, Yedang. Mom introduced me to Korean food. She was right because i great enjoy grilled foods. I know its bad but we only live once. This is my nth time eating here so i figured why not sahre right? :)

my "just woke up"face

We ordered the pork strips, chicken bbq and beef and mushroom soup. :) Our bill only amounted to about Php1500 or about $30. :)

next time, we'll sit there. :)


Duke time. :)

i definitely won't go back here for grooming. we usually bring him to eaither Pooch Park or Pawfect at Tiendesitas but this was a last minute thing. Had we known, we had more time we should've brought him there... :(

I love Deep Purple Nail Lacquer from MAC's Cult of Cherry Collection. Thanks to Sophie for lending it to me last Saturday. :)

cute babies... looks like the dad was the one who got tired from waiting at the vet. :) lol!

He was suppose to sport the lebron james but i talked R out of it. I just love purple and yellow.. :) and Lakers rock!! :)

much love,

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