Haul: Coastal Scents 08/08

This is my third time to order from Coastal Scents. I ordered of the EZ Pressing Medium formulated by CS and brushes. I practically purchased majority of the crease and blending brushes they have. This is not called Shen's Addiction for no reason, after all. :)

like Yummiebitez, i was disappointed when i received my EZ Pressing Medium soaking wet inside its ziplock. I was not impress with how they packed it but at least they did try to cover the opening of the bottle. And fortunately, my brushes didn't get wet. I emailed them about it and they responded immediately with apologies. I didn't really need to have it replaced. I'm quite ok with what i have because it didn't spill that much.

Here is my fabulous new brush collection. Ever since finding out what a crease and a blending brush can do, i just got hooked! I ordered different sizes and i'm so happy with them. I can't wait to use them. They are very soft, looking sturdy and doesn't look anything like my other crease and blending brushes i already have.

My fave out of the bunch would be my stiff blending brush that kind of reminds me of my MAC 217, but not really. i don't know but i can't wait to use them all!

if only i could find where i stashed my baby shampoo...

as always, CS people includes freebie on you every order.
I got Spirit Eyeshadow sample this time.

What have you received in the mail lately?

much love,

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