Cellphone Makeover by Gmask Beauty Wrap

I went to Gateway today to meet with the client. After that, I've decided to do something. I've been wanting to have my phone Gmasked for the longest time. Actually ever since i saw Bubble Paraiso's gadgets, that i was inclined to contemplate on the fact. It was just so gorgeous that i told myself... "One day, Shen... One day."

And that day is today.

My hard working celly finally got her well deserved make-over.
Y'all know i love animal prints and y'all know how Kikay i am, so no questions about the film design. :)

Gmask-ing, is a process of protecting your gadgets by being scratch resistant. They apply 1 or 2 layers of thin wafer film that is imported from japan. This film will not only make your gadgets scratch free but look brand spanking new. :)

How long will it last?
About 3 to 5 years or in my "law" terms this is the normal wear and tear.
I'd love to laugh at this because you'll seldom see Pinoys who have 3 to 5 year old phones/gadgets since it is pretty much easy and cheap to buy gadgets here. :)

How much?
A bit steep. And it depends on the color of your gadget. if its just white or silver or you just want the protective film with no design, it's way cheaper. but for those with phones or lappie with colors like mine, they would have to use 2 layers and thus making it a little bit pricier.
Mine cost Php1,095 (around $25) ---for phones and other small gadgets.
Different pricing for PSP,

Will it stain or damage my phone?
Nope. Easy to take out when you're tired of it and your phone will just look like the way it was before it was Gmasked. They also have 1 month warranty so you can have your phone checked just in case during that time. :)

Am i satisfied? Hell yeah. A bit expensive but if you observe the grueling process of applying the film, you'll understand. Not to mention that the Gmasker (Ms. G-42) working on my phone truly knows what she's doing(uber excellent) and friendly.

Overall, i love it! I love everything about gmask.

On my birthday wishlist? For the Lappie to get Gmasked as well . Just the clear one though, no design needed. :)

much love,

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