Sex and City Movie 9my reactions)

Some part of my life can be taken out of the columns of Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City, the love blues, the lost shoes, the walk in the rain, the countless cosmos and the endless girl talk. I'm sure you'll say the same. Because there is a little bit of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha (yes, Samantha!) in all of us..

The movie didn't disappoint me at all. I love everything about it, the clothes, the story and especially the smart-ass lines delivered by our beloved characters. Its like seeing a dear friend again... I think for someone who watching all the seasons of Sex and City can be a little bit more reactive to the story because we know what they have been through and what happened ... It is indeed like catching up with old friends.

OMG, i fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker's long pearl necklace that she wears even in bed.. The boyfie was cute enough to say, "See, she's wearing pearls too." I love the Chanels Charlotte and Samantha strutted with. But most especially, i do love the Eiffel Tower wristlet bag Carrie had on the first part of the movie when she was with Big (I won't tell where!). I also love the fashion show Carrie did where she was strutting her old dresses and her friend will either say "Take" or "Toss". At the third dress, i felt so nostalgic coz she wore the dress she had on the beginning of every episode where she sees her column billboard on the bus.

I cried a lot too! O boy did i cry!! I could feel every emotion going through the characters. I also laughed a lot coz of Samantha's lines. You'll probably say Oh my god, No way!, I knew it, How dare he!, and wow! :) I also sighed and drooled over the fabulous dresses carrie tried on.

The wedding photoshoot with Vogue, i learned was a real life photo shoot.. o you'll sigh with every dress she wore. :) You would probably love the skin fitting clothes Samantha wore.. I do love the hat she wore while looking at Dante (her Hot next door neighbor). Miranda was very stylish in this movie, her gold dress at the beginning of the movie is unforgettable. Charlotte in my opinion is totally flawless in her dresses! I just love all of them! And i do love Patty Field for doing such a fab job!!! :)

If i'm in high school and writing a movie report on Sex and the City, i will write that girlfriends will be there no matter what (even go to Mexico with you!), they will not surrender to your pain and they will make you laugh on your worst days. More so, they will stand by us despite the fact that it is us who screwed up and made all the bad decisions. I can only say that I am blessed with the same kind of friends in and out of the internet.

The soundtrack of the movie (which is something i really pay attention to) is truly fab! imagine a remix of the Sex and the City theme song by Fergie? The song Labels or Love by Fergie, i'm expecting will be playing on all mp3s and phones of SATC loyal fans. :) You'll love the version of Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis' Auld Lang Syne. Who doesn't love Walk this way by DMC with Aerosmith? :)

I often dream of myself of becoming one Carrie Bradshaw someday, to look back and say I was once a twenty-something looking for the two L's, labels and love. I think i got the Love part... I'm now working on the Labels. :)

I'm not giving away a lot of the movie. Watch it! :)

Happy Sex and the City to you all!

Much love,

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