Prinsesa Urduja Inspired Look (Ellana Eyeshadows)

It's not often that Philippine Movie Industry come up with a Full Length Cartoon Movie. I was quite surprised that we now have our first, Urjuda.

Urduja is a legendary warrior-Princess of Tribe Tiwalisi of Pangasinan (a Province in the Philippines). She is much similar to Mulan or Poccahontas. Urduja, along with her tribes women who are skilled warriors and equestrian came to fight since their men were depleted from previous battles. Like all women, she was torn from duties and what she loves. In the end, she rises above all her tribulations and became a women that we Filipinas admire.

I am very proud of my Filipino Heritage. As much as i love exploring other cultures, i am very much in love with my own. I haven't explored so much so everyday is a surprise. Philippines have a lot of folklores and legends that can rival other cultures. Since we are very much colonized by different countries, there are different and many interesting things about Filipino Culture. We have also learned to adapt but still maintain our very own culture.

On this note, i leave you with my Princess Urduja Inspired Look.




Ellana Mineral Eye Colors in:
Stunner (inner lid)
Foxy (outer lid)
Laugh (eyeline to wings)
Thrilled (browbone)
Grace (used in Fig.2 to outline crease and wing)

much love,

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