KP's 1st Day in School+Movie Date+Gift+Haul

In School:
First Day of Class.

Mission: Not to call attention to yourself.
Reason: You don't want the Professor, especially this professor, to remember you in a negative way.

What did I do? Exactly, the opposite. I was late! I wanted to laugh for the irony and to cry for my stupidity, all at the same time. I was wishing and hoping that Atty. A would be my professor. Lo and behold, Atty. S is! It's not because i don't want him to be my professor but it's because he has the proficiency to embarass students (base on popular reactions). He is the best in Taxation Law but he also have the reputation to make students cry and melt in their seats.

However, God has proven how much He loves me! He truly did! Because, my new dear professor wasn't in the mood to embarrass those who came in late. He was quite busy talking about different dialects of the Philippines (yes, we have tons!). Nonetheless, our professor simply talked about interesting subjects as he called the roll. Finally, i got the courage to ask him for a classcard. Thank you GOD because he didn't embarrass me in anyway. Only that we were reminded not to be late anymore. :)

Movie Date:
After class, I headed to get stuff for a client. Then proceeded to buy the book i'll be needing for the subject. Then, I headed to R's place. We decided to catch two films at Trinoma Mall, The Happening and Incredible Hulk. Finally, a silver lining to my day.

The films are totally awesome. No matter what the critics says, I enjoyed both films and would probably watch them again on DVD. :) Not to mention that the lead characters are tres hot in a nerdy way.

I love how in sync R and I when it comes to movies. He actually offered to watch Made of Honor (how sweet!) but i told him I've watched it already online. And I'd rather watch thriller and action movies with him. I only make him suffer through chick flick films when i so desperately need to watch it, Like the Sex and the City, The Other Boleyn Girl and Marie Antoinette. Other than that, I watch it alone or with friends.

At the Beauty Bar:
Before the movie started, i was given a 15 minute time to dropped by Beauty Bar. Due to my frustration on Anastasia Brow Kit (since i can't buy them yet) and after a few confirmations from Jheng, I decided to buy Modelco EyeBrowz Designer Brow Kit, Php 1400 (reviews to come). Right now, i just love staring at it. :)

(click photos to enlarge)

Initial Reaction:This product is a no brainer! :) If you're eyebrows are giving you a hard time, you must get this. This is definitely worth it.


Look what R got for me for our Monthsary (yes, we are that cheesy.. and proud!). I was just looking at it and told him that i would get it next time, when he said to get it and he'll take care of it. Much like the same way Mr. Big said "I got it." when Carrie wanted the Real Estate Heaven apartment.

The Smashbox Master Class Volume 2

(click photos to enlarge)
Bronzer and cream blush Duo, Eyelights in Special Effects, Lip Brilliance palette in Perfect Pout

Mini Photo Finish Primer... my fave from the set.
(individually sold for Php750)

Tools included (DVD not shown)
Kabuki Brush, Shadow Brush #26, Cream Eyeliner Pencil in Midnight Brown

I'm totally drooling! I can't bring myself to swatch it!! It's sooo pretty in it nifty little package and they all look so fine and flawless.

Thank you, Mahal (Love in Filipino Tagalog)!!

my mini but bankrupting haul from BeautyBar

i am a happy girl!

later: it's mail time... and something from Sephora...
(drum roll pls)

much love,

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