EOTN: Blue (a 70's inspired look)

Here's an all Blue EOTN i made after the RED one. :) I'm feeling so 70's here like with the long shiny sleek hair, headband and loud eyeshadow. It also looks like i'm attending a Cher Concert. :) lol!

Face front! or bit sideways.. :)

i tried tightlining my upper lashline.. to no avail... i only made my eyes water and red!

needs a little improving in blending. :/

Elf concealer stick
Pureluxe Glory (outer to mid crease)
Pureluxe Blueberry (inner lid to mid lid)
Pureluxe Checkmeout (mid lid)
Pureluxe Glory (upper lashline)
Nyx Eyeliner in Sapphire (lower lashline-tightline)
Elianto Light Blue eyeshadow (highlight)
TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara

my very very kikay look

MAC Brave
The She Space No Morals Lip Junk

my kikay pose. :)
my eyebrows look like hell without my guru, Lesly

that's all folks!

pretty soon: my MAC piggie look!

much love,

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