Cherry Culture Sale!

i have 2 cherry culture purchases. the first one is without the sale and the other with the sale.. total damage? around $82. what's the purchases? tons and tons of round lipstick, concealers, crease brush, megashine lipgloss, jumbo lip pencils, jumbo eye pencils, 1 eyeshadow trio, and a vanity kit.

thank GOD i can have it shipped to my aunt in Hawaii. Else, I'd die with just the shipping fee.

Ok, don't yell at me for not being patient and waiting for the sale.. it's just that i was worried i wouldn't be able to buy before my aunt leaves for the Philippines. But i availed it anyway with my next purchace. So i'm expecting 50 NYX items.

Why lippies? it's because i really don't have a lot of lippies. :) really!! Also, the swatches of our pretty beauty bloggers are very tempting so i gave in... I know, my angel is quite disappointed. But who cares??? I'm happy!

I called up my aunt to expect 2 packages to arrive. I'm hoping that it will get to her before she leaves at the end of the month. (crosses my finger)...

let's pray i get it all and that she arrives soon!!

much love,

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