Not an easy decision, but one that i need to make.

When you are faced with a choice, what will you choose?
When both is a passion and a dream, how will you justify which comes first?
If you are in the middle of the battle, will you retreat?

It took me an amount of courage to tell my mom that i want to take make-up class at Lasalle College International. I was quite surprise that she said yes. This i quickly told my fellow beauty bloggers who i currently taking the artistry lesson. i was really excited that the next day i plan to inquire with the help of Sophie and Jheng. It was like everything is being served in a silver platter...

Then it got me thinking (and i really hate this part), my mom has sacrificed a lot to give me the everything i have... then she is giving me this. I did feel guilty. She told me that this class might help me relax every week since she sees how much i love doing make-up. I know a lot of people think that i am shallow for pursuing make-up artistry. that compared to make-up artistry and law school, its a no-brainer. That with becoming a lawyer, i will earn more and be able able to help more people. I'm not ungrateful, i appreciate the opportunity that's given me. But i can't seem to separate both. And i am having a hard time. :(

Argh! i don't know if you can relate to this. Did you ever feel like that when you are given something, you have this sudden urge to give it back coz its too much?

The more that i think about it, the more i realized i just have to finish what i am doing now and pursue everything i want afterwards. The price that i have to pay for the silver platter might cost me much. My mom said that no matter what decision i make... she'll support me. I love you mom!

Because the bottom line is, i love law... I just hate law school. I want to be a lawyer for my family, my boyfriend and for the endless people i'll have a chance to help...i just have to put up with the learning part coz its vital in the process. And i would hate myself if this got sacrificed over something else(even if i love the art of make-up). I may not get another chance to pursue my little girl's dream of becoming a litigant if i don't finish this now...

And maybe, just maybe... when i have secured the Atty. before my name.. you'll see me adding make-up artist along to it.

So, there is it... I've made up my mind. I took back the offer given to me by mom and i will continue studying LAW with no other sideline aside from my business.

God, Thy will be done!

just sharing,

photos courtesy of: Lasalle College International and Google images


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