A Gift within a Gift

I called it a gift within a gift because it is..
My dear R already gave me a wonderful luxurious vacation,
he also gave me this during our trip...

a set of salt-water Pearl necklace and earrings.

I was surprise (truly) that he got me this coz i already got the fresh water pearls for myself. But when manong said that he was asked to stay further so R can take a look at the pearls himself coz he wanted to buy the bigger necklace. The cheapskate in me was alarmed but the GF in me was very much flattered. I was blushing since the people were commenting on how R loves me. Even the waiters and owner of the restaurant was smiling at me, as if to say i am so lucky. Indeed, i am.

i feel like i'm Audrey Hepburn wearing this

nicest thing is my mom offered to have it set in white gold for me.

i feel so much blessed.

Thank you, R, for your love and for treating me like a queen.

just sharing,

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