EOTN: blues clues :)

I've been daring myself lately to take a chance on blue eye looks again. then i got to watch more of Lauren of youtube's Tutorials. She's one of my fave eye make up tutorials since she uses wide array of cosmetics. not just one brand make up, like myself. i was just inspired of her nautical ispired look. i used a different technique from her tutorial. Actually mine is much faster since i did this look at 130am. just wanted a rush blue look to see if it looks good on me. i hope it does.

Anyhoo, here's my Blue's Clues look. Why the name? well, i'm soo sleepy to think of a much chic-er name for my EOTN. and the colors reminds me of Blue's Clues anyway. hehe!

I used the blue eyeshadows i personally made via DIY mineral eyeshadows.

Sorry i put up so much photos here.. i didn't know which looked best so i uploaded them all.

white eyeshadow - all over eyelids to brow bone.
very light blue e/s - outer crease
80's jeans - outer V to crease
skye - lashline and 3/4 of waterline (not foiled), use 219 brush
maybelline volum' express waterproof mascara - lashes

(excuse the eyebrows, i am part werewolf.)

inarte pose and pa-cute pose

MAC stdio fix NC30
(no time to concelear)

Ellana Happiness

Maybelline Natural Lippie

experimenting: using my new red lippie from Maybelline. :)

i'm sooo sleepy...


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

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