Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shen Mineral Cosmetics - Spiced up Site

Since i clearly don't have time to change the layout of my selling site, i asked a dear new friend to do the work for me. :) Jan did an amazing work with my Shen Mineral Cosmetics Online Shop. :) I mean, no way could i make a site like this on my own.. it really is worth it to hire a pro or even just a great artist. :)

I'm so happy with it!! If you wanna get your site all spiced up for an affordable price, go to Everything In Style. :)

headshot, that will now be my logo. :)

my new site. :)

this was the proposal... who would wanna change it right????

I'll be having my blogspot site, spiced up as well. :)


Vi Anne said...

I just checked out the site again. I'm liking the whole look. :)

Shen said...

thanks vi! congrats again!! :)

Vi Anne said...

Thanks Shen! hehe. Yeah, we can check it out together. It's like birthday present opening. :)
Haha! Tell me when that day comes so I'll take up the offer. j/k I'm gonna send you luck vibes. :)

Shen said...

i'm sure when my mom hears your winning streak, she'll consider flying you down here. :)

Vi Anne said...

Hehehe. I won't say no if she does. hehe

(g)ezebel said...

love the site -- lemme use one of the few words of tagalog i know, hope i spell it right!! MAGANDA!! heeheehee

damn, girl, you make your own eyeshadows, too?? is there anything you CAN'T do??? :0)


wow cool layout! ;)

Shen said...

vi, better store up on those lucky charms! :)

(g), thanks to MAGANDA comment! :) so sweet of you! hope i can visit there soon so i can meet up with you. and show me where i can get BN palettes! lol! i'll bring more careline for you too!

there's a lot of things i can't do. like cook, clean, do laundry and write straight in a bond paper! and sooo much more!! :)

dear hot momma mhean, thanks!!

Liz said...

wow.. another biz.

congrats, Shen. :-)

and best wishes too.

the layout looks fantastic.

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