shen goes online and offline shopping. (i'm so blue!)

well, not that kind of blue.. my duke is recovering well. i'm constantly checking on him as i type away. What i meant about blue is that i got a blue shirtdress from my latest find. :)

for a law student/internet addict likeme, the world of shopping has changed, virtually. :) i first started with ebay... then multiply and i got hooked! let me share you my latest splurge. :)
i got this from rose of Fashionpill. inspired by the Gossip Girl fashion, I ordered a shirt dress, 3 opaque tights and 1 leggings. :) hehehe! i didn't even realize i love blue.. lol!

Hun and I also ate at our fave Filipino resto, Gerry's Grill. forgot to take pic of the food (crispy pata, sisig) coz we were sooo hungry!! while Duke, at home, is feisting on his fave gourmet dog food. :) hun got me a new pair of shoes... a gray one since i wanted one same as that from the pics of fashionpill. :)

my babyboo, me in a everday look

shoes from rusty lopez.. what i love about this pair? it's so lightweight. :)

and here i am wearing them today.. :)

Duke, behind me. , mommy and baby


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  1. lovely shoes!! nice outfit, girl =)

  2. one word about your look - WOW! i hope i can work out leggings as fab as you!!!

  3. nice outfit sis! And I love your doggy!!! awwwwww

  4. I'm glad Duke is getting better. :) You and the bf look really good together. :)
    I like the shoes! I just which I can pull off a nice outfit as good as you. :) Crispy pata! yum yum!

  5. thanks sis! i didn't know i could pull off this look.. i kinda took a chance.. hehe! impulsive shopper this girl is. :) but i'm glad it look ok naman. i look thinner wearing shirtdresses like this too so i hope i could hoard more. :)

  6. vi, i'll soon be sending you a bracelet as soon as i buy more materials! :) just giving back.. :)

  7. Shen! OMG that will be so awesome! Thank you ngayon pa lang. Weeeeeee!


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