my duke is limping.. :( such a bad day

i missed class today when i noticed that my Duke is limping on hi left hind leg. :( i thought we did something wrong so we rushed him to the vet.we were told that he dislocated his knee cap. no serious injury but its moving from left to right. i forgot the medical term. but the reason he got this is because he always jumps in that beggar's position. he tend to jump from my bed a lot too as well as the 2 step stairs we have here at home.. it usually happens to toy dogs like my Duke..

i feel like i've been remissed on my duty as his mom.. i feel so bad.. :( i do hope he gets better. he's taking supplements now to aid the growth of tissue and liquid on his knees so it won't hurt when it moves. if he doesn't recover.. we may have to resort to surgery.. :( :(

his dad feels worst than i do right now. he loves his kid so much...

my Duke

pls help me pray for his recovery..



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  1. Aww, sorry about Duke. I hope he gets better. I'm sure he'll be up and running again in no time.

  2. I've been hankering for crispy pata today. I could eat all of the balat too! It's soooo good!

  3. thanks sis.. i really hope so. :)

    re: crispy pata.. don't forget the sauce.. can't eat crispy pata w/o its signature sauce that i use as sabaw! lol!

  4. LOL. You're making me hungry.

    Duke looks like trooper so I think he'll be fine. :)

  5. awww i hate seeing sick dogs! :( pls be better Duke!!!

  6. sorry to hear about your baby Duke.. i hope he gets well soon.


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