Almost Everything Went Wrong With This #FOTD

This look goes to show that even with years of doing makeup, things may not always go your way especially if you don't plan ahead. To be honest, this is really a case of bad skin day and during this time I was in dire need of a derma visit. My skin was ridden with dark spots and acne which caused me to overthink this whole makeup look and went all crazy with the application. Not to mention that I wanted to try a lot of products that are on my desk at that moment. Good thing a few days after, I was invited to try SkinCell in Malate and their assessment and treatments did help my skin bounce back. Apparently, I have PCOS to blame for this incessant cystic acne.

I did this look for an event I attended last April 1st. I know, it was April Fool's day and I think the joke was on me. This FOTD was pretty much haphazardly done and I have no one to blame except myself. I know, you deserve better! But hey, I'm not completely unhappy with this sort of KPOP-lips inspired look.

1. I underestimated the coverage of NYX BB Cream. I applied way too much than what was needed. Since I was having the worst skin ever with oily T-zone, acne and blackheads, I loaded up on the base. Big mistake because a little goes a long way with this product.

2. I also underestimated the matte-ness of NYX BB Cream because I used an equally matte and high coverage Maybelline White Superfresh powder to set this look.

Note to self: set only on T zone for future #fotd's

3. Even with years of experience, I still get eyeliner boo-boo's when faced with a new product in my hands. This look didn't justify the awesomeness of Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power Black eyeliner. Even with just a few minutes to complete my makeup look and to take photos of it, I was still able to apply it well. You'll love the fine brush tip that allows you to glide it across your lids with ease. And just take a good look on that intense black pigment. Clearly, I did not do justice to this eyeliner with my wonky application.

Remember to take a minute or two to get used to a new product. I think the application is pretty decent but I know you expect more from me. I'm only human. Flesh and blood, I'm made. LOL!

Thank God that my shadow blending skills though were not that bad. Avon Gold Makeup Palette were exceptional! Buttery pigments that blend well with each other. It's highly comparable to The Balm and Urban Decay Palettes. For only P699, this palette is a steal. Want to see the swatches? They're all here.

I did apply a bit of beige highlight on my undereyes to mimic that puffy eye effect but it backfired on me. Maling-mali. Not my look and I don't think I'll ever do that again. Hehehe!

At the very least, my boo-boo's are not that visible when my eyes are open. Bawal mag-blink182. 

4. And ugh! That wrong eyebrow shade! I enjoyed using the Maybelline Fashion Brow I didn't realize that it's lighter than what I hoped it would be. 

5. The gradient lips are actually a happy accident. I noticed how pale they were looked in the photos so I dabbed a bit of Mary Kay Sassy Fuchsia in the middle. By the time I was done with the face, I decided against a full-on lipstick look and instead dabbed the NYX Buttergloss in Sweet Tarte with my fingertips to enhance the gradient effect it looked clean enough and natural.

But I was quite happy with some parts of this FOTD. I love the effect of Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara. It gave a clean application for a really fanned out lashes. There's the Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Concealers in Peach and Light Beige that did a great job at covering my acne and dark under eyes. The pink cheeks I achieved with The Balm Instain blush in Lace was the bomb! This is my current fave. It may look over-the-top at first but it blends well on to my skin a=oh so naturally as the day progress. Ang ganda lang talaga niya and it really stays on for hours. 

The combination of natural sunlight as my lighting and the overzealous application of foundation made this look a bit harsher and stronger that what was intended. That and using a very dense brush that deliver maximum coverage can really make or break your makeup look. Suffice to say that I pretty loved how each product performed and with mistakes, I realize the full potential of some of the them that came my way the past months.

My advise is never be afraid to experiment, come afternoon, my makeup blended well and it looked tamer than shown in the photos below. No one stared at me at the mall for too long so I think this look was pretty okay.


I'll try to redo this look and go easy on some parts. 

For now, these are the products I used. 

NYX BB Cream
Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Concealers in Peach and Light Beige
Maybelline White Superfresh Powder in 02 Nude Beige
Benefit Hoola Brozer (HG matte bronzer)
The Balm Instain Blush in Lace
Happy Skin Glisten up Highlighter Cheek Stick

Clinique Lid Smoothie in Pingko Biloba
Avon Golden Palette
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power Black Liquid Eyeliner
Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

Maybelline Fashion Brow

Mary Kay Sassy Fuchsia
NYX Buttergloss in Sweet Tarte

Mermaid Brushes
MAC 239
MAC 227

So, did you ever have makeup look that didn't go as planned? A wrong lip color to a colorful eyeshadow? What's your worst #FOTD to date?

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  1. But you still look great! <3

  2. Hi! Pls visit my blog. I'm a newbie ÜÜ thanks ÜÜ

  3. The eyeliner doesn't look so bad. I also have days when, believing I've gotten used to my eyeliner, I could still mess it up. The brow tho... I would have panicked if I were in your place. ^^;;; The overall look is lovely still. :) Also, I agree with theBalm's Instain blushes. I love them too. :D


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