Ancetrex and why I stopped taking it

Acnotin/Acnetrex (Isotretinoin)

I've received numerous inquiries when I started taking Acnotin or commonly called Acnetrex.

As you all know, I have had troubles with acne and enlarged pores since my pubescent age. For years, I suffered number of treatments just so that it would lessen. But unfortunately, my acne would always come back. :(

Prior to taking Acnetrex, my skin was breaking out so bad. But only a few days of taking Acnotin (2x a day), I already saw changes. My skin felt drier and my acne were slowly healing. To a point that I had to use moisturizer because my skin was too parched. I love the effect on it that I was determined to finish the whole pack.

Unfortunately, the side effect deterred me from taking it further. I was zoning out so bad that I could not concentrate in driving. My eyesight was extremely unreliable even when I was wearing my prescription glasses. Having unhealthy eating and sleeping habits is not the best partner when driving and drinking Acnotin. Due to my zoning out, I got to a small car accident (no one got hurt). Yes, it was that worst for me. It wouldn't have been so bad but I didn't anticipate that I would need to drive when I decided to take Acnotin. It was actually provided in the form inside the box that drivers should take extra precaution and those with high grade prescription glasses should avoid taking this medicine. Truly, mine felt a bit neurological. I had a hard time concentrating and such. And my body would not function the same way at it use to.

Another is the fact i can't get pregnant. When the significant other and I decided to have babies in the next two years, I knew I had to stop taking Acnetrex since it takes a year of to safely say I can get pregnant without causing fetal problems and birth defects. I thought it wouldn't really bother me not to get pregnant yet but during the time I was taking the Acnetrex, it has always been a lingering thought in my head. :(

To answer all questions if the medication, Acnotin, works. It really does! Until recently, I have not experienced a bit of break out except one or two cystic hormonal acnes during the red flag days and it wasn't that severe. I think that even if I'm not taking it any longer, the high dosage of such drug is still working.

As much as I love the fabulous looking skin this medication has been giving me, I can't risk my safety as well as my future children for it.

Maybe if I'm younger, I wouldn't mind all the side effects since I wasn't driving nor wanting to have babies then. So, I'm back to expensive skin care, concealers and foundations... Good thing though that there are a lot of products available out there to keep even just a few of my pimples off of my face.

Another thing is that I'm taking a severe action now in balancing my eating habits. I am about to undergo a Detox Treatment that I will be sharing to you guys. Not only will I lose the unwanted extra weight but it promises to give me healthy looking skin. But this will take a lot more effort and no shortcuts. For healthier skin and body that will lead to better functioning of the mind, then I'm all over it.

I'm not saying that Acnetrex is not for everyone. It just isn't for me. I realized that I am too old for it nor it is healthy for me. I'm happy for those who found their way around Acnetrex's side effecst (I even envy them a bit). I also don't regret taking it. It has made me feel beautiful and made using makeup easier for me. In taking Acnetrex, I have experienced clear skin that requires no makeup at all.

Now that I can't take it any longer, I am determined to do the healthier way of maintaining such clear skin even if it takes triple the effort and the price.

So, there goes my bittersweet journey with Acnetrex. I will update you soon regarding my detailed experience in my detox treatment as soon as I have started on it. :)

much love,

P.S. Please only consult PDS accredited Dermatologist if you want to take Acnotin/Acnetrex. DON'T TAKE THIS THROUGH SELF-PRESCRIPTION. utang na loob.

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  1. wow thanks for sharing! sounds kinda scary : /

  2. Hi Shen, try Klenzit Adapalene gel. It works. :)

  3. that was a little too scary..that proves that the dosage of this medication is High,i like post that warns people on something hehe...
    btw..i unsubscribed on my previous email...but subscribed yah back on my new one *winks*

  4. Hi Shen! I just want to share my experience with Acnotin. I took it for 6 mos about two years ago. 10mg twice a day. I can say that it was the best decision i made. I can't say that I'm pimple free now but it has certainly made a difference in the kind of pimples that I am having. I no longer experience cystic acne but superficial ones na lang. I fall under the moderate acne spectrum. At first I was really hesitant in taking it due to the side-effects but my derma (Dra. Katty Go-Estrada) assured me that as long as the drug is used under direct supervision I should be just fine.My mom who is also a nurse told me too as well. I tried a lot of medications. I even tried hormonal pills but I even suffered more side effects with the pill (severe migraine). I know that we are all different. I'm just saddened though that not everybody responds to the drug the same as mine. Nevertheless, I hope that you find the best treatment for your acne. I still believe that the benefits of any medication/treatment should outweigh the cons. I'm a fan of your blog. Good luck!

  5. Oh not when you're having a hard time driving. :) I took mine under strict supervision and even had a thorough physical check up prior to taking it. if you've been reading this blog for a long time, then you would know that this medication was provided to me by a PDS certified dermatologist from a reputable clinic. I took all major precautions and then some more. and I don't think the side effect of not being able to get pregnant is worth it. :)

  6. Hi, Shen! I took Acnetrex maybe 3 years ago, and you're right, it cleared my skin like crazy! No pimples, no blackheads and best of all, no more oily skin! (That is an achievement for me!) I need not use face powder whatsoever.

    But merely reading the side effects scared me already, accordingly, it may also affect nervous system, and even our moods and attitude. My lips and gums were so dry after a month, they bled! =( Then I started thinking twice whether to continue, and told my derma about my concerns. I finally decided to stop taking it, and just do with my derma rituals. It really did wonders, but like you, I guess Acnetrex is not really for me. I can't risk my health that far.

    Go go go with the detox! Organic detox works for me. I'm excited for you, sweetie. =) Loveyah!

  7. hey shen, i'm sorry it didn't work for you. my sister is currently using this, but she has clear eyesight so it doesn't seem to be affecting her driving. and you're right, you can't have babies for a while even after you get off :(

  8. i used to take roaccutane. i take 30mg/day for one whole year!

    aside from the damage on my wallet (roaccutane is the most expensive of all oral isotretinoin and i take 3 boxes per month) and the dryness of my lips, i'm happy to say I'm ok now. I'm back to being oily but still no pimples (knock on wood) within the 9 months i stopped taking roac.

  9. Hi shen! I took Acnetrex too, some 6 months ago. I took it for 8 months (the worst months!). Worst because I had breakouts here and cystic pimples there! Big, red and painful :( Honestly, the first 3 months was hell :( It was my purging stage. On the fourth month, they were gone but they left me with nasty and deep scars. But after all the acnes and marks, I didn't regret taking Acnetrex. For almost 10 years, my face was full of blemishes and all things bumpy, but now, it's Acne-free (knock on wood) as what leila said :) All I'm dealing now are the scars ;)

  10. Cooltricia1623/5/11 4:18 PM

    Hi po,, just want to ask san ka po nakakabili ng acnotin? I have prescription from a dermatologist already, kaso ang layo kasi niya, baka may iba ka pang location na alam pwede bilhan? Thanks


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