What To Expect from ROW101 Summer Pop-Up 2016


Another Bazaar is happening in the Metro! And no, it is not your run-of-the-mill bazaar. Honey, there's no export overruns here or this is not regular divisoria turned bazaar event. What you can expect are definitely carefully curated products, some handmade and proudly Pinoy. Feed the 

ROW 101 Summer Pop-Up represents mostly homegrown brands with pieces that are all made in the Philippines. I just love knowing that we never run out of ideas and talents in our country.

If you're in a hunt for something unique and artisan, ROW 101 Summer Pop-up is the place to be this weekend! Come take a look at my loot!

This is my jam. Oya's got me parked and hooked at her spot the minute she introduced me to her artisal jams. Ang sarap! You have to get the Butt Monkey Jam. It's made with butter, brown sugar and bananas. If you want something with trace of alcohol (because, why not?), get Pina Colada and Drunk Monkey. Since I couldn't wait, I ordered them all already! 

Oya is a pastry chef and her life is all over delectable goodies. She makes this jams and dips right out of her kitchen and I amazed with the quality. Even Claudey loved them! Well, the non-alcoholic jams, I mean. Like I would be caught dead serving alcohol to lil bunny.

You can find her @oyabakes on Instagram! Promise masarap!

@OnefortheRoad is my first stop! Gravitated to the pretty planners and all the decors of @MyrrhandGoldManila. Medyo nalito ako ng konti what to choose. What I got the planner! Even if we are almost midway to 2016, kebs. I like the design and the layout.

If quirky, shabby chic, hippie travel stuff is what you like to keep with you, then head to One for the Road. They have really unique items that the hoarder in you will love!

Looking for really nice decors that fits the budget is a pain in Manila. But that's where @MrryhAndGoldManila comes in. They have all sorts of stuff that they personally handmade to add more character to your space like the geo-diamond in the photo. They also have travel bags and other fun travel knick-knacks you may want to take with you.

For my fellow beauty addicts out there @DollyWinkPhilippines and @BCLPhilippines will also participate at ROW 101.

And guess what, @InglotPh and @BenefitsPH will be raffling off prizes suring the event!

Get your freak on and finally complete your palettes because it's game on at ROW 101 for these beauty brands. Nakakaloka!

Talented kids, these two! Meet @FlexApparel.ph and @DirtyPaws. Flex Appparel was created to fill in the gap of blending fashion and active wear. Because contrary to popular beliefs, being active doesn't mean it shouldn't be fun. So why not start with your gym #OOTD? After all, nothing like a fun colorful ensemble to motivate us to work out!

Dirty Paws on the other hand is a brand with a heart for our furry friends. Macky is a young guy who loves dogs and we built this whole fashion line for them. Ten percent of the sale for each shirt goes to CARA Welfare. To wish for more Macky is a stretch, let's just look into this young man and be inspired that he already did something to make the world a better place for our pets. Maybe, we can do the same with a simple gesture of buying his shirts. With the many fun designs that tug the hearts, choosing which will be the only tough decision to make. 

There are sooo much more fashion brands that going to be at ROW 101. There the bag lady, Abby Joson. There's the hottest children wear, Honeycombs Philippines. 

Bud Pack Ph
MDSN Manila
Teddy Sage
Lulu Swing
Lumos The Label
Anma Lifestyle
And so much more!

ROW 101 will not run out of new things to offer you... 

One of my discoveries is the Cuesee Creations, owned by a college buddy that I haven't seen in a long time. Shout out to Queenie! We spoke in length about this brand and I was so happy to learn that all her products are made in Marikina. After a life-changing chapter in her life, she decided to find her purpose and she found it in Cuesee. She told me that she wanted to be able to reach out. She wanted people to feel the way she did after she was given another shot in life. And rather than doing charity, she wanted something more permanent, something that would grow with the people she was helping. And what better way than a business! O di ba? Nakakatouch! Nakakainspire ng bonggang-bongga! And her products are really nice. From bags organizers, to aprons, to yoga mats bags, and pouches. 

Oe just for the fun of it, you can use the things you got at ROW 101 to practice your #flatlayslay. 

Oh! If you happen to pass by the Scentido Soy Candles, I promise you won't be able to resist it. Ang bango lang! Then there's the @inkscribbler, @everydayloveph.. the list is endless and totally worth the visit.

O, pwede na ba ang #flatlay skills ko?

Pasong Tamo
April 16 & 17, 2016
11 am to 8 am

valet service will be available

See you there!

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