Office Makeup Tips You Can Use

Workplace is like a second home for many of us. We spend nearly half of our days inside it and we want to be as comfortable as possible. Since I'm working in a digital environment, our office attire is very casual, nearly laid back. It's not a place wherein I would need to wear too much makeup. Actually, I go to the office bare faced most of the time with just sunscreen on. I know it's a crazy idea given how much I'm addicted to wearing makeup but I like the break from piling on too much products.

Grooming ones' self for work really depends on your workplace environment.

It could be casual like our where you can wear jeans, shirt and rubbershoes.
It could be very strict to a point that the job requires you to be in business attire or in a uniform.
It could be in an artistic place that allows you to show off your creativity.

And same goes for your makeup.

Casual workplace need you not to have complete done makeup.
  • Mattify face when oilies surfaces
  • Apply concealer on your undereyes if you have dark baggies
  • And moisturize lips from the cold harsh aircon in your office.
Strict or formal workplace  may have defined rules on what makeup you should be wearing.
  • Conceal visible blemishes and dark undereyes
  • Apply blush for a more pleasing appearance.
  • Define brows to avoid the face looking too washed out.
  • Color the lips with neutral tones or lip-but-better shades.
Creative work environment usually encourages artistic fashion choice and that include your make
  • Be as adventurous as you can. Enjoy this as this is an avenue for your creativity.
  • But then again, hold on the face painting and black lipstick.
  • Wearing red hot pink or orange lipstick though is great way to take advantage of this freedom.

Here's a picture of me in casual work environment. A simple everyday makeup look that is easy to achieve and with practice takes less time to do.

What I use:

  • Face Powder - something that is mattifying and provides good coverage
  • Concealer - to diminish blemishes like acne scars and dark undereye
  • Blush - just a hint of color to reduce the dullness of my skin.
  • Lip color - I give myself a bit of leeway here and apply something pretty to show a bit of my love for makeup, so soft pink lips ang drama ko.
  • I also applied eyeliner, mascara and brow shade just because I can't live without them. But this one is easy to skip especially if you know you'll be in your cubicle for 8 to 5. :)

Feel comfy in the office by having the following beauty essentials in one for your drawers:
  • Towellete
  • Facial Wash
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Travel Size makeup remover
  • Cottons and earbuds
  • Moisturizer
  • Hand Lotion
  • Tissue

These things will come in hand when you need to re-apply your makeup or need to remove it when you make makeup blunders. :)

More tips:
  • Remember to re-apply sunscreen before heading out for lunch. Use a mineral makeup powder of a powder foundation with SPF if you don't want to budge your makeup.
  • Remember to moisturize your lips to avoid it from chapping.
  • Keep your hands soft and supple with a hand cream, always apply after washing your hands.
  • When eyes starts to twitch or ithcy, don't scratch. Use the towellete and slightly dampen it with cold water  and press on to your lids to relax the eyes.

Have a fun day at the office, ladies!

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  1. Great tips! After all, a lot of us spend most of our time at the office!

  2. MrsMartinez21/1/12 2:19 PM

    pag nasa office ako no makeup ang drama ko lagi well except when it's Saturday kasi date namin ni DH un hehehe


  3. Thanks for the tips, Shen!

    Whenever I'm at work, I just put on a sunblock, eyeliner, mascara and a nude/pink lipstick except on Fridays when, after office, I often go out so I make it a point to dress up and do my makeup a bit more loud than how I usually do it. I believe it's best if we would really be comfortable and wear less products on our face. 

    I remember on my first few weeks at my current work, I was so busy with the article I was writing then I actually rubbed my eyes and some of the eyeliner I put on my waterline went on my hand... lol After that, I still wear eyeliner but not much na. Or sometimes, I prefer not wearing eye makeup since most of the time, nakakalimutan kong I'm wearing one. :P


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