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Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Enamel

Lookeee! Revlon kindly sent them over their Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel for review and I've had a chance to try two of them pa lang (swatches to follow!) I've been too busy at work and leaving early before I could take a pic. :)

Oh wait! Here's the of Chili... so summer-y, noh?!

Revlon Top Speed in "Chili" is a great dupe for MAC Nail Lacquer in Kid Orange.
I have both and could hardly tell the diff.

Although Revlon nail polishes may come a bit more expensive than what we're regularly use to, it does live up to it name Top Speed. It does apply easier and dries faster compared to my cheaper brand nail polishes. Given you use a nice quality top coat like Sechvite, then you know you'll get your money's worth with expensive nail polishes like this.

I never use to understand my friends from beauty blogging world and IRL who collects nail polishes. But probably they say the same thing about girls like me who collects lipstick and foundation! Ha! But now I get it a little.

It really is about the quality of the nail polish. And that a nice looking nails shows off how well you take care of yourself. Aside from the fact that different color choices allows you to play with it.

I've had a chance to grow my nails for sometime during the holidays (yes, even when I clean the bathroom and wash the dishes) and having nail polish on them long nails makes it look sexier. And when I started using really nice polishes did I got the frustration out of way in applying them. It was seriosuly like liquid eyeliner for me when I was just starting out with applying makeup.

The more I started playing around with polishes the more confident I was!

So these Top Speed really just came in time because I can honestly say I already graduated from the newbie level in using nail polishes!

Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel says it all.

  • It definitely dries faster compared to other polishes I've tried (I've only tried regular ones)
  • It doesn't cause bubbles 
  • Last quite awhile.
  • No chipping for good 4 to 6 days (note that I like to wash my hands a lot, have short nails already and wash dishes)
  • May stain nails depending on what color your polish (try to apply base first)
  • Great dupes for the more high-end nail polishes.
  • OMG what a great selection of shades!
  • Great if you're always in a hurry...

And yes, you can afford to change your nail polish again and again and again... Just like what Jessica Alba said on the Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel video ad. :) hahahahaha!

So if you're the type to like just one kind of nail polish, I suggest you invest in one of these and bring them to the salon when getting your nails done. Restouching or reapplying is fast with the Revlon Top Speed.

Espresso | Golden | Vintage

  • Espresso is brown base glaze with a hint of red. This dark chocolate with sheen and subtle glitters.
  • Golden is a true blu gold worthy of a Chinese Royal family. I am inlove with Golden!
  • Vintage is a deep magenta shade, a mix of pink and purple that quite suggest a mature appeal. This is a great shade for fall. For summer, try to keep the make light on the eyes when sporting this polish. 

Chili | Lily | Jaded

These selections right here calls indeed for my favorite season, summer! Wear this everyday and you'll be strutting the nails of the models showcasing fashion for Spring-Summer 2012.
  • Chili is red base orange and may be considered as a bright red shade.
  • Lily is pastel violet that adds quite a fun character. Wear this shade for an exciting day.
  • Jaded reminds me of mint green, light and easy on the eyes.

I'm quite fix with these tree but I do want to acquire more  like Candy (pink shade) and Stormy ( a greyish brown shade). Sigh! I hope it's the 30th already!

Have you tried Revlon Top Speed nail polishes? Did you like it? Share your thought here on the comment box!

Revlon Top Speed is available at your favorite Revlon counters nationwide.

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  1. gelatoprincess18/1/12 9:34 AM

    Hi Shen, I love how fast Revlon nail polish dries up. Unlike other brands, I have to wait for quite a while before I can use my hands or walk. And sadly, in some experiences, there are brands that chip off after showering the day after. Chili looks interesting to me because it's bright and lively but I hope to find a darker shade, something more reddish because this one is pretty orangy :)

  2. Oooh, I love Chili!  Can't wait for the other swatches!  How much are these Miss Shen? :)  Have a nice day! :)

  3. How much are these? :)

    This looks really interesting. Before I wasn't much of a nail polish fan and I'm so tamad when it comes to doing my nails. But then I found out that it's better if I do 'em my own 'cos I get to do them the way I really wanted to. And so far, I've been trying out different nail polishes and I'm really hooked. I' haven'y bought any high-end nail polishes. The most expensive I got is from Face Shop worth P300 but I really don't mind spending a bit more to buy something which will give me great results. If you get you're money's worth, no problemo.

    Thanks for sharing these nail polishes Shen. The chili shade makes your nails look sexy. :)

  4. Ruth Santiago19/1/12 11:52 AM

    Those are really cute & girly colors of nail polishes! And it's nice that it's a fast-dry type!
    Thumbs up to Revlon for continuously innovating the quality of their products! =)


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