Indulgent Hand and Foot Hamman Package: A Morrocan Bliss for Nail-a-holics

Anybody who lives in the vicinity of SM Hypermart Pasig probably knows that Nail-a-holics have been open for quite sometime. I've going to this place for my nail needs because its the only place I can be comfortable in and really good manicure and pedicure. Unfortunately, other nail spas near my place and those situated inside SM Hypermart falls short of my expectation. Nail spas doesn't come cheap compared to getting them at salons so I want to get all my money's worth.

And another reason I like going to Nail-a-holics is because their Hand and Foot Hammam Package! It is by far one of the best spa experience I've ever had.

What is Hammam?

Hammam is a Moroccan spa ritual that includes batting, scrubbing and exfoliating using popular Moroccan products like black olive and argan oil in an alternating hot and cold room temperatures. The Hammam is then needed with a soothing massage and a tea.

I was so excited to try this as I've been hearing really great things about argan oil and its benefits. The ritual is very simple but the products used was so rich, I left the nail spa totally moisturized and invigorated.

Lavish Foot Hamman Spa Pedicure | Php700

As always, the feet is soaked in a tub of warm water with soap. This cleanses the feet and softens it for scrubbing. Next, both my feet and legs were treated for exfoliation with dead-sea salt and olive scrub to remove dead skin. After scrubbing, Dead Sea Mud Mask was applied on to my legs. The mask stayed on till the end of my foot spa and pedicure.

Deluxe Hand Hamman Spa Manicure | Php600

Same thing goes for the hands and arms, except that the scrub used here is less coarser.

Indulgent Hand and Foot Hammam Package | Php1150

Save Php150 when you get this Hammam package.

I really feel like a Morrocan royalty getting this hand and foot spa. It is such a lovely experience to have someone fuss on you. Suffice it to say that I really enjoy this spa experience through and through. The ambience was helpful putting me in the mood. Nail-a-holics interiors always put me in a relaxing mood. Well, who wouldn't if you're a beach lover.

The place is so relaxing that I could fall asleep as they do this ritual on me. I recommend this to anyone who needs serious pampering and those with extremely dry hands and feet.

My manicurist helped me choose this nail polish from Orly, Green Apple, for both my hand and feet. It's a lovely shade of green apple as the name suggest! Oh! And polish lasted weeks two weeks on me. I just had to replace it because the growth on my nails was showing. So surprised because usually my polish would chip unless I use a nice top coat.

What I like best is that they weren't stingy with the Moroccan Argan Oil. They use the one from Cynos, called Body and Thairapy Morrocan Argan Oil. Other argan oils I've tried, the scent always put me off. But this one didn't it actually smelled spa-ish. And this one is only Php1200 for such a huge bottle.

Do look for Melody and Canze when going to Nail-a-holics SM Hypermart, they did a great job on my Hammam package. :)

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  1. Ruth Santiago25/1/12 1:41 PM

    hahaha, i envy you for having pampering treats at nail-a-holics! i need it soon as well =)


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