FOTD: Simpliest Purples (Ellana, One Naturales, Purederm, Urban Decay)

Another FOTD!

What a rainy week we are having! Getting around has been a little difficult because I hate driving when it rains and and I get a bit more lazier to do things. Sorry for the lack of posts! :) Will try to make it up to do next time!

This is probably one of the simpliest FOTD I've done and many of you may not be impressed at all. I told you on my previous FOTD that I was finishing up the left over products on my ellana pots. This time, I decided to use my favorite purple/violet eye shadows from their collection, Pixie and Laugh. I also added a touch of Belle (a soft shimmery frost pink) and a little of Delicate (a taupe brown frost and a personal favorite).

You know what I noticed? Ellana eyeshadows hardly creases! I forgot how well this eye shadow blends on my lids. It's been so long since I used these eye shadows that I forget how great they are. It definitely lasts a lot longer than the non-mineral I've used.

Of course, I use an eye primer... but then, even with an eye primer such as Urban Decay, Smashbox, Etude House and Too Faced, my eye shadow still creases at the end of the day.

So, yes... I think I'm renewing my relationship with Ellana (and other mineral eye products) from now on. :)

For the eyes:

For the Face:
Ellana Mineral Foundation Perfect Blend in Hazelnut Latte

MAC Sculpt and Shape Powder Bone Beige Emphasize

For the Lips:

I dream of weekend already. I will be joining a Clean Up at Hamilo Coast. I'm so excited. But the call time is 4 AM!! I do hope I can get up early! Else, I have no choice but stay up all night. LOL!

Til next time, girls!! Gotta catch up on some Zzzz's!!

much love,

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  1. I love your make up!:) It's nice on you :)

  2. your fotd is simple yet stunning! i wish i could be as great as you in applying makeups.

    and about ellana, i really like them a lot too!

  3. Can I just say, you look absolutely lovely in the first picture! I've never tried Ellana's e/s but your posts are making me curious.

  4. Gorgeous sis! super!!! and your cheeks pop like crazy ang ganda ng blush!

  5. you look beautiful! Great use of the colors. you used purple on the lower lash line too, didn't you?

  6. I love this look, it's beautiful!

  7. Woot! Hope to bump into you later.

  8. I don't think it's simple at all-- I love it! :) I love using purples as eyeshadows. I have also been neglectful of my mineral eyeshadows. I think I will use them tomorrow. :)

  9. I love love the eye make up! They're soooo pretty! Fab blog...I just followed.



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