Product Review: Mineraux Premium Blush in Plum

To continue my review on Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals, here I will show you their Premium Blush in Plum.

Mineraux Premium Blush is a very pigmented that only a small amount is enough to achieve that cheery look you want. Personally, I find this blush enough to keep me from looking wash out. I love the high intensity coverage it provides as it assures me that a small pot will last me a long pot. A tap of it on to the cap, swirl my brand spanking new synthetic brush around it and swipe it on to my cheeks. Simple, noh?

At first, I was hesitant to use it but when I lost my ArtDeco HG blush, I realized that I found a good replacement. It's way better because its in mineral form. Even though there may seem to shimmers on it, it does not reflect on any of the pictures I take and it looks au naturelle. Quite a feat with a lot of my blushes that are in mineral form.

Don't be afraid that it may look a bit dark on the pot, this is a blush that will dertainly compliment many skin tones depending on how you control the product. It can even be used as a contour blush if you don't like the taupe or brownish type of bronzers.

In my weeks of using this blush, I've come to a conclusion that the Plum blush attracts adulation from other people. Specifically Jheng, my dear friend and our resident Abubots, who admired my blush when I attended an event with her. We all know that this type of comment coming from Jheng is something that we all should consider. Think of me very flattered when she said how she liked my blush.

As to the lasting power, it is the same with my other mineral blushes lasts as long as 4 to 6 hours depending whether I'm indoors or outdoors.

Plum: Matte plum. Best for medium and fair skin tones.

30g sifter jar (approximate net weight of 10g): Php 650
20g sifter jar (approximate net weight of 7g): Php 500
10g sifter jar (approximate net weight of 3g) : Php 350
5g sampler jar (approximate net weight of 1g, without sifter): Php 180

swatch: Plum Blush and Mulberry Lipgloss (both from Mineraux collections)

Blush is such an important part of a make up routine. It provides the color to the cheeks that are highly needed especially for those dark eye makeup such as smokey eyes as well as colorful eye makeup. it pulls the look together and makes the face resoundingly complete.

Don't know how to apply blush properly? Simple give that radiant smile of yours that will tilt up that apples of your cheeks. Place the shade with a good angled brush at the center of it and swipe softly towards your temples. Don't forget to blend it after wiping off excess colors from your blush. DO the same to the other cheek.

How to make that cheek pop? Try smiling and exert a bit effort on your upper lip just like a the Joker but with a bit finesse. There you'll find your apples popping more than usual. After which you'll notice how accentuated your cheeks are. Oh! The Joker smile is only when doing your makeup, not when getting your pics taken. LOL.

Don't forget to clean your blush brush that next time you'll use a different shade of blush. :)

This product rates: 4 out 5 points

Care to have this blush in your arsenal? Simply go to and order one yourself.

much love and happy sunday to everyone,

P.S. I can now shop at Sephora! Know why on my upcoming post.

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  1. Shen, you're so pretty. Ever blooming :)

  2. the shade suits your "popping" cheeks! So gorgeous!


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