Smashbox Master's Class Vol. 2

Finally i get to try the Smashbox Eyelights Palette that came with Master's Class Vol. 2. I've been putting it off since i like seeing how brand new it is still. That's how i am when i really like something.

If you need something subtle to give you the no makeup look and easy to apply, get this one. I love how pigmented the colors are. The palette contains three beautiful neutral shade. The first is for the highlight and may be used for the face and innerlid. The next is for the color, a velvety coral shade that can be applied on the outer lid or inner lid. The next is for defining the crease of the eye, dark brown with subtle copper flecks. The palette has shimmer but subtle enough to wear day or night. Since this package came with their No. 26 Eyeshadow Brush, the application became a lot easier. It picks up the pigments effortlessly.

The Bronzer/Blush Duo isn't so bad either. I love how the cream blush glides on to my cheeks withe my Lumiere F.O. Brush. The Bronzer was magic to work with to give me a tanned look and contour to boot. :)

The eyeliner in Dark brown is a dear to use. Not to soft and not so hard to work with it. Definitely earns an A++ from me. I've used this on several occasion and it never failed me.

The Lip Brilliance-Perfect Pout will certainly give you just that. :) it has 3 shades, light coral, deep red orange and peachy lipglosses. It will enhance any lipsticks you put on and great to use alone.

So, do i recommend this Set?
For those who are just starting with their makeup collection, yes! It is a versatile eyeshadow palette to create a prime look to subtle smokey brown eyes. For those who are in the mid-expert, you'll probably see the same colors sitting on your stash or used frequently. The expert would probably have several colors of these already. But really, this is a great gift item for the newbie and expert alike. Which is also great for traveling with its cute compact packaging. You'll have everything you need for a vacation our out of town wedding. :)

Buying this set would probably save almost 50 to 60% compared to buying them individually. So yes, this is a great haul for anyone.

The downside of this will be the baby buki brush that sheds like crazy and not as soft to the baby buki i was used to. I guess, getting it for a lower price with have its bad side too.

The Popular and pretty expensive Photo Finish Primer didn't work its magic on my oil mine face. Maybe i should have applied more, i don't know. But twice i have used this and failed me. As they say, third time is the charm so wish me luck.

Kikay Pinay gives this product 3.5 out of 5 Kikay Pinay Points.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Ellana Hazelnut in PB
Ellana Concealer in Cheer

Smashbox Bronzer/Blush Duo

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Eyelights-Special Effects from Smashbox
--- lightest shade(innerlid)
--- coral shade (outerlid)
--- dark brown shade (crease to contour) (MAC 217)
MAC Femme Fi for highlights
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara
MAC brow shader

Excuse the oiliness, the restaurant we were in just increases the production of my oil glands. :)

much love,

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