Coz I consider YOU Brilliant

Thank you, Nikki, for seeing me worthy of this Award. For noticing the things i do in this blog and the reasons behind it. And For always being positive and nice. I count myself lucky for knowing you. And like you, i consider your blog as though i am part of your life. I would give you this award but i think you'll run out of shelves to put it on.

So, here you'll see 7 more ladies who have made a impact on my blogging. In no particular order.

1. The Mineral Makeup Blog
This blog has four of the most influential writers that have moved me to get addicted on mineral makeup. This blog is not biased and will tell you what works best for you. They provided a lot mineral makeup tricks and application. Not to mention that they keep you update with a lot of mineral make-up happenings like discounts, free shipping and new products.

2. My addictions - Abubots.
She has been awarded but i think she deserves more so here is it. You, Jheng, has inspired me to take makeup seriously. Jheng actually enabled me to try out eye make-up and if i didn't see her blog, i would still be an eyeshadow-less girl. I love this girl a lot for she is one the truest blogger i know(and truest laugh as well). Her blogs are full of original EOTDS and beauty reviews that are spoken without bias. Thank you, Jheng, for the friendship in and out of this cyberspace.

3. Shades of Hue - need i say more? Go to her blog and be awed on how talented Aileen is with her makeup application. Home of the MAC and Mineral Make up addict. Aileen, with her tutorials provided me knowledge on how to maximise the use of my mineral makeups. This girl has no air whatsoever, always ready to lend a helping hand for things you need. :) Thank you, Aileen.

4. Glitz and Glamour
Let her be a testament that there is a Carrie Bradshaw existing, a pinay no less. This girl earns another award, in my opinion. She has inspired me to not be afraid of the unknown for it will bring you... GUCCI and lots and lots of makeup. And that with hardships and trials, it will bring you Vivienne Westwood and fabulous wardrobe... and a fabulous life abroad. Gracie, has done what the rest of wishes to achieve, a fabulous life with her son and beau. Thank you, Gracie!!

5. Beautynomics.
Where do i start? Sophie introduces you to fabulous products that truly works. I know, i've tried a few of them. She will inspire you to fulfill your dreams no matter how impossible it may seems. This girl will make you brave to buy that product you have been unsure of with her fabulous reviews!... not to mention that this girl started my Mineral Makeup addiction.

6. Swipesomegloss.
Phoebe, the swiper, will not only make you swipe some gloss but your credit cards as well for the great reviews she makes. Take note that this girl has a fabulous life with makeup and runways. This girl is the "it girl" but still managed to remain down to earth. I totally admire not only the Blog but the writer underneath the MAC and mineral makeup. :)

7. Lizterati.
After seeing her tutorials, you'll wonder how you taught makeup was difficult to do. The face of this girl can make angels sing. I love her blogs for it shares not only of her makeup experiences but also with her life. You'll share your laughter and pain. She also provides great reviews and alternatives to

Because I am a rebel... here are some blogs i am awarding still

1. The Exciting Life of Stapler
Get to know Stapler, the dog of this beauty blogger. Well, how can i not include this blog, the wonderful creator of Fendry liptints?

2. Masaya si Saya
Great unbiased reviews and great swatcher! :) Pinay!! :)

3. Irene Love Makeup
a Freshie no more. This girl will give you a run for your money. great reviewer and enthusiastic blogger.

4. Fuzkittie
There are more makeups out there. Just check her blog. You definitely envy her porcelain skin and luscious lips. this girl gives great opinions about her makeup hauls and totally worth checking out.

5. Nessasarymakeup
Be warned, it is exteremely addicting. I bet you all know this blog. The popularity of this blog in known worldwide. And if there are aliens, they probably read this too and lemming for the products she talks about. A filipina makeup enthusiast who knows her way around a lot of makeups. Catch the drool, because your jaw will drop on how much makeup she has. Don't get intimidated because this girl has the sweetest disposition i know. I hope she still have extra storage for this award.

6. Shizzlenizzle
This island girl will awe you with her cheap finds! You'll love how she makes it look expensive. I gotta get me the 96 Palette! (",) She is sweet, edgy and totally worth checking out.. her blog, i mean!

7. Yummibitez
A Pinay beauty blogger with wonderful tips and tricks about makeup. Her step by step tutorials are definitely all worth trying. I always check her blogs for updates and beautiful eotds! You must have this on your google reader! :)

Phew! That was a lot but definitely worth of this Award... and more in my opinion. :) Most of them are all Filipinas. All Deserving of recognition for their effort in posting, reviewing and sharing their lives to us.

I would award more but i'd give that chance to my awardees. :)

Again, Thank you so much Nikki!

much love,

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