Haul: MAC FIX+ + Cool Heat FOTD

Finally, after a long wait(because the Post Office of our country or the country we ordered from are either incompetent or lazy) I've got my very own MAC Fix+. Yey!

When Mhean of Moi<3makeup messaged me that our 1st MAC pre-order finally arrived, i found ways to accumulate "funds" to get it. It was not a good time since my Credit Card bill was due as well. Bummer! Bummer! My CC Bill was a whopping Php7K. I know! It was mostly food tripping, online shopping and my Beauty Bar loot. Thankfully, God made way for me to pay for all of it and even extra for a little shopping for school clothes.. :) THANK YOU!!

Yesterday, i was told that there was a post on the B.Board that Dean R won't hold classes for his Civ. Pro. class (that's us!!!). Yahoo! So, i contacted Mhean and made plans to meet her. :) Fourtunately, she'll be going to the office.

I waited for Mhean at Seattle's Best coffee where there is this cute guy i checked out. Hihi!! What? I'm human! :) He's cute and buff (really toned IMO). I know he's eyeing me too but i sat on the couch behind him so he couldn't see me more (too bad for him!) LOL! Since i was behind him and him wearing a really tight white shirt, i saw his boxer brief!! Total turn off IMO! Had he not worn those i would would've probably seen his "smileys". le sigh!

Mhean arrived after her work in a casual attire with reddish eye look that looks great with her cute MNG top. :) Even in her casual clothes, Mhean can work it! :) I also got to meet Mafie of Flair for Fancy when Mhean and I met up with her @ Ministop Convenience Store. :) Glad to have seen you girls again. Too bad we didn't have more time to have quick dinner and chat... again! :) Surely, next time we will! :)

Here's a better "guy" to check out. :) (woot! woot!)

I've been lemming for this one since I saw Enkore's in depth video review of this product afew months back (i know!!). Then continuously seeing it on beauty bloggers and video review. Sue me! I'm a hoarder! :) Hope that it won't make my skin oilier than it is already. But if it did, at least i can use this to my future "Clients". Yihee!!


I finally got to use my Gulf Stream eyeshadow from MAC's Cool Heat Collection. It's almost similar to my temptress multipurpose mineral from Ellana but on the lighter side. I really like it. :) I can't wait to use it again. :) I also use the Emerald Green Pigment sample i got from Chloe. :) Love it!

Ellana Hazelnut Premium Blend
Mary kay Ivory Concelear
Lumiere Pearlfecting Powder

Barenaturals Bubblegum

MAC Gulf Stream (all over lid below crease, medium shadow brush)
MAC Emerald Pigment (outer lid to crease, MAC 217)
MAC Femme Fi (highlight)
MAC Browshader
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack

MAC Brave
MAC Cult Fave from Fafi Collection

Phew! I'v never used so much MAC in one FOTD. :) I was tempted to use my Studio Fix NC30 but i was scared that it will aggravate my already pimple-flaring face. Thank God, i didn't give in. :)

I shopped for two shirt dresses @ Girlshoppe. I suddenly have renewed love for this boutique after having most of the clothes i am looking for. :) I will post them next time as my cam ran out of battery. :)

til next time!

much love,

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