Pure Luxe Cosmetics Haul (eye colors and calamine soap)

After two whole weeks, my Pure Luxe Haul is here!

It arrived June 3 and i got it Wednesday from the P.O. when i got a notice. I was extremely excited that after a few chats with friends and posting, I immediately went to get it. P.O. is just a tricycle ride away from my house so it was pretty much easy to get my package. I paid Php35 for the fee that i still I'm not sure what for (storage feesomething, i was told).

I had to hold myself back from ripping my package open in order for me to take a picture of the envelope. Its been awhile since i received an international order, you see. I was really in space. With all the raves about Pureluxe, who wouldn't be? And i wasn't disappointed.

I ordered 22 samples of eyeshadows. I'm loving every color! I wanted to try them on last Wednesday but i was hard pressed for time (R was picking me up to see Narnia: Prince Caspian). Also, the swatches were so difficult to do (despite the fun of it). Glad i survived it all. I mainly ordered from Pure Luxe because of the fact that its been sitting on my bookmark for quite sometime and that I've always been attracted to the eye colors. Then, i saw Nessa's blogs on the eye colors. Boy or boy, was i done for! :) Also, i wanted the red pigments and yellow ones I've been seeing on the site. :)

The Soothing Calamine Facial Bar, in my opinion, has one of the most divine scent in all soaps i've tried. It has tea tree, rose geranium, hibiscus and chamomile essential oils among other things. It doesn't have the texture of the usual natural, organic or event traditional soaps. It has a bit of clay feel to it, a little soft but it won't break or fall apart. I'm letting it sit in my room and see if it hardens. I tried it today after i experienced redness applying a cream foundation on my face. And with Emu oil to help, the redness was gone in an instant. I think this Soap has a future with the the Kikay Pinay. After all, my face needs to be soothe everyday with all the product testing I've been doing.

Thanks to Makeup Square of Youtube and Mhean for being the enablers. No thanks to me since my addictions is keeping me well stuck in a state of bankruptcy.

I forgot the total of my orders but it was around $30 to 40 with shipping to the Philippines. (Php1500+).

click photos to enlarge size

here they are:

i've been in search for the best yellows, i think i found them. :)

don't be surprise, y'all know i love purples. i wanted some deep reds too
so i got the popular ones there

don't they look so pretty?

more blues... not the music though. :)

i watered the glory too much. my fave from all the blues so far

greens! yey! sour apples looks a lot like big apple of MAD.

i forgot to type sour on the sourapple swatch (silly me)

I know, more neutrals! There are more shades of brown than what i expected. :)
Besides, a girl can't have too many browns... or jeans... i can't seem to remember.

there's no use saying i'm in no buy mode because already i'm eyeing MAC stuff... i mean more stuff. but it's a lot easier to say no lately since i don't have any money left. I also got to save up for may credit card bills. I'm so scared! :) lol!

Hope this helps you out!

much love

p.s. 2 more hauls coming up!
(nyx and landmark)

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