EOTN: Lucky Golddigger Eye Look (The She Space and Sassy Minerals)

I've been waiting to try to this look until i got my Sassy Minerals haul. Thank God they have fabulous green eye colors (thanks to Jheng who loves green). So, finally while watching CSI Miami last tuesday, i was able to experiment.

Mac Beige-ing Shadestick all over eyelid as Base
The She Space Shot the Messenger - innerlid (this is the truest of yellow gold! i love!)
SassyMinerals Envy- outer V and crease
Ellana Eye Colors Felicity - highlight

i would love this look even if my hair is pulled back into coiffure.

tried my sample of Aubrey Nicole (thanks to Jheng again). :) and i love it! :) too bad i'm on no international buy right now.. :(

BareNaturals Prettiest Pink Peach

Fendry Liptint in Peach
The Body Shop 41

funny pic coming on...

i got this idea from Aika, a fellow GTalker. :) she does it better than i did! hehehe!

if you want to see more of my other SassyMineral and The She Space EOTDs, just click links:
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much love,

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