NYX Haul (from Ebay)

I was really surprised to receive this package the next day after Pure Luxe. I paid for this bid just last April 26, after our Boracay trip. And already, 11 days after, its here in my doorstep already. Imagine my jaw slacked as my mom's assistant handed me the envelope. This by far is the earliest arrival of package i've received.

I ordered this from ebay, bidded actually. I saw the store of The Venus Beauty quite by accident as i was looking for Urban Decay Primer Potion and Shadow Deluxe Set. She sells wholesale lot of NYX cosmetics (and indivisuals too). Since i was really on a look out for Eyeliners, i figured why not. Although i did think on it for quite a while before ordering. All in all, I'm quite pleased to say that i am very much satisfied with my purchases from Venus Beauty. What i don't find okay though is that the shipping is a little pricier. But since it got to me early, i can't complain too much.

Here's my NYX Haulage:

Early bird!

Ultra Pearl Mania Lot of 16, $17.99
Eyeliner Pencils Lot of 12, $14.99
Shipping (combined) , $16

i love them all! :) i truly don't know where to start! :)
i definitely need a good base for this babies. :)

ooohhh... aaahhhh!!!

i like this eyeliner because its not too hard unlike others i've tried. Its a little softer than MAC and Coostalscents but very easy to apply.
I used my Karat today and i must day that my eyeliner looks gorgeous!

eyeliner swatched

L to R: white pearl, sapphire, satin blue, teal, moss, lime green, emerald city, velvet, karat, light brown, medium brown, charcoal.

disclaimer: this entry does not advertise but merely shares experiences with certain brand, store and products.

Hope this helps you all out if you're thinking of adding NYX to your stash! :)

much love,

p.s. Now, i just have to find a way to pay for this when CC bill arrives. :) lol!

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