Give the gift of safety and health with SC Johnson!

Being a practical mom is a life-long challenge. Let's face it, it's tougher than we think. Staying guard every payday, end-of-season sale is really tedious. I used to spend so much time at the mall buying things I don't need just to get deals that I end up not saving at all.

It's only when I discovered Shopee that I found how I can save and how easy it is to keep track of upcoming sales on their app. Aside from the usual vouchers, I joined the SHoppe Mom's CLub that gets instantly free vouchers from the brands I trust when it comes to baby and home products. One of which is SC Johnson. They carry Glade, Baygon, Mr. Muscle and a lot more. Joining this exclusive mom's club on Shopee already gives me a voucher outside what the brand is already offering. Ang galing lang!

1. Join Shopee Mom’s Club 

Shopee Mom's Club is a community created to provide the best deals, so parents and soon-to-be parents can give the best to their children. 

2. Shopee Mom’s Club Benefits

  • Member Benefits (Welcome Gift, Exclusive Discounts & Vouchers)
  • Easily find the items through our Curated Collections
  • Mom-centric Livestream topics 

3. Brand Exclusive Discounts 

  • Enjoy huge discounts with SC Johnson at Shopee Mom's Club!

4. Become a Shopee Mom’s Club member now! 

Enjoy shopping and applying those vouchers when you cart out!

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