K-Drama Review: Netflix's Hometown Cha Cha Cha

How does it really feel to live in a town filled with noisy neighbors?

If there's one thing I know about K-Drama is that every line that is dropped has significance. That is why I was able to run through the 16 episodes of Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Set in a seaside town where the seafood is in abundance and people are at their most casual -- too casual. You'll see elderly still working, noisy middle-aged neighbors with their thriving businesses and couples who seemed ready to take you in their fold.

Gongjin reminds me of my own hometown. It's beside a river though where ladies took their laundry at dawn and men did a bit of fishing. Gongjin is obviously a fishing town, where squids are caught and dried. Looking at it, why would a bigshot city dentist build her career in it? Short answer, she had no choice practically run down by their snob colleagues and judgmental colonial mentality of the city. Gongjin was different, it was rustic. Already you'll kind of feel the gentleness of the people and how they care for each other. But for a city slicker this is alien territory. But for someone who didn't have a choice, this will do.

And what she already considers an annoying situation in an annoying town with annoying neighbors is annoying Chief Hon who seemed to pop out everywhere and anywhere she was.  The Jack of all trades of Gongjin town has wormed his way in her life unexpectedly.

And that is where the story begins. A big-city career woman adapts to the little hometown that seemed to dance its way through life. Meet the interesting neighbors that will wiggle their way to her hearts -- and to yours.

Hometown is light and warm-hearted. Get kilig as strong funny yet troubled Chief Hong court you into loving his town as we wait while Dr. Yoon Hye-jin, slowly sheds her shell and embraces that she is exactly where she needs to be.

I loved the series because it was easy to watch. I'm a fan of Shin Min-a in Oh My Venus. She's become popular for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Tale of Arang. She is also dating Kim Woo Bin, another popular Korean Actor. Shin Min-A carried the role of an introverted strong career woman. She dressed expensively and I love the fashion aspect and the contrast of it in the quaint town of Gongjin. The series isn't all serious until the last part and even that part wasn't so heavy.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Kim Seon-Ho. But after seeing him in Strongest Deliveryman, Run-On, and of course, Start-up, I feel this series vindicated him. He played the carefree yet secretive Chief Hong so well. He played so many second leads and like most of his fans, we wanted him to finally get his win and that is this series. So no matter how bad his reputation has been lately, I'm happy to see him get his happily ever after with Shin Min-A in Hometown Cha Cha.

All in all, Hometown Cha Cha Cha had the right formula of a romcom K-drama.

  • Lovable Hero and Heroine
  • An aesthetically pleasing backdrop
  • A stylish lead - this time, our heroine
  • Well-developed supporting character
  • The doting lovable halmeoni
  • The second lead /karibal that you'd want to keep to yourself
  • !6 episodes of a well-paced story-telling
I may be the last to review this series but I can't help but share my thoughts because it was just way too fun to watch!

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