3 Beauty Gadgets to Complete Your Home Makeover

Don't we all wish we are far off somewhere relaxing, with cucumber in our eyes and our skin our whole body getting pampered from head to toe. To finally get that much-needed makeover that had been long0due ince this pandemic started.

But I hope is all not lost. I'm sure if you're a beauty enthusiasst like me, your feed is also fille with at-home gadget treatments. I'm surprised with how expensive they can get. I have a few here at home for anti-aging and cleansing but I didn't realize the extent of technology when it ccome to beauty gadgets thatt you can do at home!

And lo and behold, ever dependable Shopee is not wanting with a list of store selling these gadgets as an affordable price with guarantee! I ahd to check it out and CkeyiN Beauty stood out.

Here's your chance to get your home spa makeover! CkeyiN Beauty goes up to 65% off on Shopee Beauty!

From hair care to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your makeup and skincare needs! Enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, and exciting offers fit from various brands for every makeup & skincare haul--only from Shopee Beauty!  

CkeyiN Electric Facial Massage V-Line Cheek Lift Up Tools Thin Instrument for Women Double Chin Facial Weight Loss for Face Care

Price: Php692

The bionic micro-current stimulation technology stimulates muscles through the biological currents in the human body. It tightens the skin, and helps shape perfect facial V-lines.

this is the facial I need to relax me in this pandemic! it is essential for travel and home furnishing. It has TENS external pulse design, can massage arms, thighs, calves, abdomen, waist, buttocks and other parts, upgraded version of 4 massage heads, automatic massage mode. For everyone, with intelligent display gears, 6 different gears, for people with different facial problems.

Price: 1,880

A little too good to be true right but this gadget has over 8890 units sold with an 4.8 Rating! It even says that this particular product has up to 8 intesity variations compared to others. 

I've tried IPL treatments and they are not as terrifying. One only had to make sure to wear eye proteting lenses. There are over 133 images you can check and th though there are some negative reviews it semed like isolated cases.

This compact IPL device from CKeyiN is large screen digital display that shows remaining output number, gear symbol, light mode (automatic or manual). This has an 8-level energy adjustment design depending on your skin's sensitivity and an 8-level energy mode for. It is compact in size or portable making it convenient for travelling or stashing for smaller homes. 

It can accomodate up to 999,999 flashes or pulses and can be used for all parts of the body. Please test it first prior to using to test te sensitivity of your skin.

CkeyiN Automatic Hair Curler Auto Ceramic Wireless Curling Iron Hair Waver USB Cordless Air Curler HS470

Price: 1,176

It's the curler of the future! I liked this the moment I saw this curler. It looks so convenient to use. For one, it's wireless and recharchable. The bottom knob switch has four-speed temperatiure adjustment. It looks very easy to operate and comfortable tos tyle your hair. It also comes with basic hair styling tools to get you started. His heating tool uses intelligent constanct temperature technology to ensure that the heat is stable and hold the curls longer. It uses a standard Type-C USB and can be charge anywhere and anytime.

SImple to use, affordable, and and easily be purchased over. at shopee. To be honest I find it overwhelming to have these kinds of gadgets so easily accessible. But I'm glad that it is. I'm thankful for the community of Shopee Shoppers who sahre their thoughts so I feel more confident in purchaisng products from the covenience of my own home. 

So if you're like me, super excited to try some of these gadgets, let me know! Let's go over and Shop!

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