According to you, these are Watson's Most Loved Products this 2021

The people have spoken, here are the undisputed choices of new releases that people clamored and asked for. A lineup of products hailed as Watsons' Most Loved 2021! So if you're looking for new products to try, these are highly recommended.

New Favorite for Bath Soap - Irish Spring Bar Soap

This freshly scented bath soap surprisingly had fans of all ages and genders. Shoppers said they loved the way Irish Spring cleaned their skin without drying it and left it mildly fragranced with the soap’s signature green scent.

New Favorite for Children’s Multivitamin - Ceelin Syrup

It’s always difficult to make kids drink their vitamins but they love Ceelin, which has Vitamin C and Zinc to help protect them against illnesses.

New Favorite for Sunscreen - SNAILWHITE Sunscreen CC Cream SPF50+/PA+++ 

This sunscreen has snail secretion to keep your skin moisturized but it’s light and airy and has a slight blurring effect to give you a photo-ready look at all times. It protects the skin against UVA/UVB rays, pollution, and free radical damage.

New Favorite for Diaper - Watsons Love My Little Ones Baby Diaper

This diaper is affordable (less than Php 200 for 16 diapers) and has a wetness indicator, breathable soft cottony cover, soft elastic waistband, magic tapes, ultra-absorbent core, side leak guards, and adequate distribution layer. It’s really a steal for the price

New Favorite for Deodorant - Old Spice WC Invisible Solid Wolfthorn

This deodorant is made for men but it’s not surprising that women like it, too. It has a sweet orange scent, reduces armpit sweat, goes on invisible and makes sure you stay dry all day. 

New Favorite for Anti-aging - Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie

This collagen drink helps restore skin elasticity and suppleness. Shoppers love the fast-dissolving powder formula and the milkshake-tasting melon flavor.

New Favorite for Beauty Supplement - Watsons Nutrabliss Berry Essence (Mixed Berry) With Vitamin C Plus Food Supplement

This ready-to-drink supplement is a good way to add nutrients to your diet and this is why shoppers picked this as a New Favorite. It has Mix Berry Juice Concentrated (Strawberry, Roseberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Blackcurrant, Apple, Gooseberry and Berry Flavor) and Vitamin C.

New Favorite for Whitening Supplement - SnowCaps Premium L-Glutathione

When it comes to brightening, shoppers said this worked the fastest. Not everyone drank this for that purpose though. Some took it as an antioxidant with whitening as a bonus. Other shoppers said this cleared their acne and boosted their immunity.

Check out the Most Loved picks at any of Watsons' 800+ stores nationwide or any of the online channels and get up to 50% off a selection of health, beauty and wellness products until September 2, 2021.

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