Feel #LikeAQueen with Jeunesse Anion!

Nothing should stop us from feeling #LikeAQueen even during our red days!

I always say that celebrate the red days! It's been getting such a bad rep for millennia now and it's quite unfair that we treat these days as a burden. Red days are the time our body sheds its unique ability to take care and cleanse itself. It's a normal process in womanhood that paves the way to the making of new life! 

The ways I see it is that to look for products that allow you to do all the things so you can be you when your body is taking the time to take care of itself. 

Official Store: Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins

Jeunesse Anion is not your typical sanitary pad because of its special anion strip that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help eliminate unwanted odor and reduce period pains based on lab tests.

Why do we want anion strips in our sanitary pads? Anion or negative ions clear the areas of allergens like bacteria and viruses. It also causes a biochemical reaction that elevates the mood of the person and even reduces stress and anxiety. There are so many claims that using a negative ion strip has significantly improved their cycle and many have said that it even turned their cycle regular. 

Each Jeunesse Anion pad is ultrathin yet super absorbent that keeps you fresh and dry. It has a non-toxic back adhesive to keep the pad securely in place and also comes in resealable packaging to keep moisture and bacteria away. 

Jeunesse Anion provides an array of sanitary pads to choose from that suit your needs.

Jeunesse Panty Liners in long and regular

Stay fresh all day, every day with their Jeunesse Anion pantyliners available in 15cm, and now with longer and wider 18cm. It has a lock-in wetness feature that can absorb up to 50ml, perfect for one's light days or in between periods.

My favorite - Jeunesse Sanitary Napkins Ultra Thin Super Absorbent Night | Php63

Jeunesse Ultra Thin Absorbent Day Sanitary Napkins | Php84

Experience all-day protection from day to night with their Ultra Night pad 28cm.

Jeunesse Anion All-Night Pads | Php71

Wake up to no stains even with heavy flows at night with their All Night Pad 32cm.

Jeunesse Ultra Day Non-wing Napkin | Php82


Keep moving with confidence in their Ultra Day pads available with wings and non-wing. 

Check out Jeunesse Anion on Shopee so you too can feel worry-free during that time of the month! 

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