FACT: I Get More Excited Meeting Artists than Celebrities | #MBaldemorXBeabi Collab

I really get inspired with seeing beautiful things. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why I got into makeup and recently, into watercolor. When I received an invite to celebrate the collaboration of Manuel Baldemor and Beabi, I was stoked. Though the invite was short notice and I wasn't sure I had help to care for my babies, I did the best I could. The stars aligned, the moon was engaging. It was a meant to be.

That traffic-less Monday got me to Ronac Art Center early and I was one of the first to grace upon the 3 magnificent floral painting of Manuel Baldemor that is now three iconic bags from Beabi.

But what is Beabi? It's a brand that is known not for art at all but for efficiency offering products that gives solution to our daily dilemmas. I didn't quite expect this collaboratios. But for a brand to reach new heights, it must do things differently, right?

And I think they did take the right steps.

The Floral Symphony was a sight to behold. Masterpieces amongst the other masterpieces, the floral paintings of Manuel Baldemor can be enjoyed by anyone!

Amazing Grace - a great summer bag that can fit almost anything you love!

Flowers are a Joy Forever 
a versatile bag that can be used like a sling bag featuring beautiful white flowers

Flowers Speak From The Heart

A beautiful tall bag, cross-body bag with lots of colorful orchids strewn on the canvass

I came home with Flowers are a Joy Forever. It spoke to me because my mom's name is Joy and just coming out of All Soul's Day, I was yearning for something to hold on to. But also because it was most versatile. It fits my 11 inch laptop and a whole lot more. I also love white flowers. Painting them for me are the most difficult. In watercolor, white flowers are usually negative space and shadowing is important, how Manuel Baldemor did this is truly a work of art. Something I like to look at every single day. And since I can't afford the actual painting, this bag will certainly do for now.

I'm not really artsy but I feel like flowers are truly one of the best things to put on a blank space. I doodle them a lot and they just have a way of relaxing me. How wonderful to own a piece of Manuel Baldemor's floral pieces through the Floral Symphony Collection. We have to thank Beabi for going far and beyond in this collaboration!

A brand who offers the essentials, in our daily lifes, especially travel, now offers the most essential thing to have... the joy that beautiful masterpieces give us!

I and just have to share that Manuel Baldemor knew of my uncle, Restituo Embuscado, a surrealist illustrator. They met in New York and I was so touched that both of them spent time together honing their skills. I've never seen my uncle in decades so to have Manuel Baldemor speak so highly of him, I swear I had to stop my tears from falling. We truly have to celebrate Filipino artists more!

You can now enjoy them by visiting @ilovebeabi branch near you. Or order them online at https://beabi.com.ph.

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