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Oh my Gosh! I am playing with makeup!! This is it, guys! Stop muna tayo sa mga mommy posts. I am featuring Pop Star Sarah Geronimo's Pop Studio Cosmetics Collection.

This is under the house of iFace Cosmetics that distributes BYS Cosmetics and other international beauty brands. They are also the creator of Lustrous by Nadine. It's no surprise that they are now partnering with another big artist since Filipinos are OBSESSED with anything an artista put out there. There's Vice Cosmetics by Vice Ganda, BLK by Anne Curtis and She Cosmetics by Kris Bernal. If Piolo Santos comes up with a cosmetic line, I am dead sure people will eat it up, too! Imagine mo yan.

So moving forward, regardless of who made this I would probably be all over this. Why not? I would try anything that promises to do more than one thing in one component! 2-in-1 is a word I love to see and try. But of course, anything that reaches for the stars usually have a harder way down. So let's see which one reached popstar status for me and the ones who were just one-hit wonders. (see what I did there?) wink!

First, let's check out the color scheme of the collection. Component-wise and away from the lavish PR Kit, the combination of muted red and beige seemed a little too toy-ish. Am I right? But seeing as this is 90's and 80's inspired where in that era, a lipstick doubles as cream blush, I get why they did this color combo. It works for now... but in the long run, this isn't really something you would like to whip out from your bag because it's not as sosyal looking.

Target demographic though, this is for the Popsters so yeah, it still works for their target audience. Me, not so much. 

And so we dive into the actual content.

POP Studio Duets Mattifying and Coverage Powder | P249

I noticed going through reviews that others got the same "tabingi" product. Hehehe..

So the idea behind this product is a combination of a setting powder and a regular compact powder with pigment. One to mattify your face (white powder) and the other to, of course,  provide you with coverage much like a usual compact. Both I would assume have the same formulation. 
 Like Innisfree oil-control white powder...

Trying it out, I used the shaded side to set my face and the white one to set my undereyes and I liked the result. I kind of baked with it and it didn't really stick to my face but just left a mattified look.
Pwede for everyday and at P249.

Grabe! Ang mura ng collection na to!

POP Studio  Tone 03 - Blush & Contour.

Hate the contour, love the blush. Both are really pigmented and there are no super kickback when you swipe your blush brush through it. BUT MY GULAY!!! The contour is tooo dark and too cool. Parang may pasa ako sa face when I used this. Obviously not the shade for me so choose the Starter Set that is right for you or go for a different shade of the blush and contour altogether.

Salvation: You can use the contour shade as eyeshadow. Good luck maubos mo siya

It swatches really well, this is just one swipe so you know they didn't skimped on the pigments and it's packed really well. The blush is really pretty and matte. Un lang. I didn't find anything extra special... except maybe that you won't hit pan soon with how pigmented this is.

POP Studio Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Mascaras are a little bit tougher for me to review. For me, the best way to see its effect and how well it performs is after a few uses wherein i've already allowed air inside the component and see how it reacts with the formula. You have to remember that a mascara is only good for 3 months. So how well it lasts within the duration is the total of what a mascara is for me. If it lasts longer, good for us!

This one though at first try is okay. I'm not sure exactly what the volumizing and lengthening sides are but I'd hazaard a guess that the curves one is the volumizing and the lengthening is the triangular more precise wand. Using it both to achieve a long volumized lashes takes a little time. 

First, use the lengthening wand. Since the bristles are properly spaced out and precised enough to get to the corners of your lashes, start running it through the lashes to coat them evenly. Allow a few seconds to dry so when you apply the next coat mid-lash, it catches on tho the tips that help extends your lashes.

Once you're satisfied with the length, it's safe to move on the volumizing. Run through the curved wand through your lashes in a zigzag motion, don't reach to the tip as it will cause it to look spider-y. I noticed this technique works well for the thin hairs of my lashes.

Overall, the formula passed for me but it's not the first one I'd grab in this collection.

POP Studio Matte Lipsticks and Lip Balm

You can never go wrong with lipsticks so I am not sure why Jaclyn Hill went south on her So Rich Luxe Lipstick Collection. Because what you see here, dearies, is a matte lipstick so smooth it is like a baby's bum. And speaking of bum, it has a tiny lip balm on the bottom. Reminds you of NYX lispticks, right? Or are you too young to remember those? Wait. Comment your age, I wanna know!

So going back, POP Studio really got the matte formula right. This goes on smooth, no snagging! AND IT'S ONLY P249! JACLYN, WHO?

This shade is everything to me right now that it has made me want to go on @Shopee to check out more of their lipstick shades. 

If I got to be honest, this looks similar to the BYS Matte lipsticks, that goes for 400 a pop so you're getting it good when you purchase POP Studio instead. 

This is something you want in your bag. FOR. SURE. Balm and lipstick in one!

POP Studio Majors Brow Pencil & Brow Mascara | P299

Because kilay is life, naturally our expectations are set high on. But at P299, I had to be fair naman. Ang mura niya for a 2-in-1 product. Again, the shade I got is not the best one for me but I was able to work with it. 

Love the brow mascara wand and formula, even the color. It latched on the hairs well and stayed put. So I gotta give the pencil a fair review that it did its job well to keep my brow hairs in place. Swatching it, it didn't tug or skip. It's pigmented enough. Alone I think it would not have lasted as it did (whole day) but because it came with a brow mascara, my brows were semi #onfleek.

POP Studio Cover Foundation Stick and Liquid Concealer | P349

This comes in three shades and I got the lightest one which I think it the right shade for me.

The formula for the cream stick foundation is good. Medium to Heavy coverage depending on how much you would use. I used a dense brush to blend it but I think I did better with a wet sponge to emulsify the product and distribute properly for an even application. Personally, this isn't a go-to for me but I could use it to spot conceal.

Which now moves us to the concealer... and I am wondering why they are the same shade. Shouldn't a concealer be a little lighter? Also, they are on the neutral, peach-ier side which would have been okay for under eyes but not so much for the rest of the face. 

I still like it though but I hope they improve on it! Would it be okay for it to be a little more expensive to have a lighter shade for concealer in the future? What do you think guys?

POP Studio Minors Liquid Eyeliner Pen | P249

This is my favorite next to the Lipstick and Lip balm! I swatched this (see next picture) and took a bath and this baby didn't budge. Galeng! I like that it is felt-tip so this is super good to those who are just starting out. Mura na at P249 and you get to practice with two tips. One thicker and broader while the other one is thinner, more precise. Great for beginners!

Again the formula is amazing! Great for calligraphy, too!

POP Studio Tempo Lip and Cheek Tint Duo | P299

I am seriously impressed with the price point! Not more 300 for the really good ones and this Lip and Cheek Tint Duo is not an exception. Since we live in the world of tints now, getting two for the price of one is a such a steal especially for the younger audience. You can check out the swatch belowwith how pigmented it is so a little goes a long way. Also, blend fast, this baby dries quick.

Warning though, better exfoliate the sh!@# our of your lips coz this clings to the dry patches on the lips. You never want to wear it with cracked lips. But the formula is good, it's a litte bit on the gel-side and I like that. Overall, this is a good product for me.

So, okay. Verdict on the whole collection.

There are some hits and flops for me with the POP Studio Starter Kit. So I definitely advise you on getting them one by one. I'd go for quality over quantity any day just cause I'm a parent now and I have bills and other responsibilities. But if you're on an adventure and want to try them all then by all mean, grab the starter kit to save yourself a few bucks. 

Otherwise, here are....

(must get!)

POP Studio Matte Lipstick and Lip Balm
POP Studio Minors Liquid Eyeliner Pen
POP Studio Tempo Lip and Cheek Tints
POP Studio Majors Brow Pencil & Brow Mascara

ONE-HIT Wonders:
(like it but can do without it)

POP Studio Cover Foundation Stick and Liquid Concealer
POP Studio Duets Mattifying and Coverage Powder
POP Studio  Tone 03 - Blush & Contour
POP Studio Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

So, obvs I didn't like the face products as much just because I have tried and seen more that are better than these. A little higher on the price range but still, would you sacrifice your face and making it look good just to save a few bucks? There's Maybelline SuperStay Foundation that covers so much and it cost just a little higher than POP Studio. For the Blush & Contour, this isn't the shade for me so I'm just meh about it. Love the formula so I think I might check the other shades or even get a highlighter. Now that looks promising.

I really love the lipsticks, the liquid liner, tint and brow pen. Not my quick go-to but I definitely recommend them.

All in all, POP Studio answers a need a lot women have! A collection with each product that does more than one thing. If you're tired lugging around an overflowing kikay kit, this Starter Kit with it's few components equates 14 products!! That's really really awesome if you think about it. At P1299, that's hella cheap too!

So if you're not so picky as I am with face products, go ahead and get yourself the POP Studio Starter Kit and start your makeup journey today. It's a local brand so you're also helping our economy. O di ba?


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